Age dilemma: game console or PC? There is no single answer

Humanity has been arguing for thousands of years over what was once a chicken or an egg. The gaming community is faced with a more complex question: which is better, a console or a computer? Telia addresses this dilemma. Gaming expert Silvinas Bocas.

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“Both game consoles and gaming PCs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plus, with the advent of new technology and the introduction of a new generation of consoles, the scales are constantly swinging them in one direction and the other. So I wouldn’t be surprised to say that there is no one right answer. And it is indisputable – it is the individual decision of each player. “The most important thing is to understand how to choose the right person,” he says. geimeris Ž. fluff.

So how do you choose? We invite you to learn about the insights of a Telia expert.

Console: fast, simple and convenient

As the next generation of gaming hardware gains more and more power, their main purpose remains the same: gaming. And the manufacturers themselves compete to offer players unique and exclusive games that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, games like Demon’s Souls, Astro’s Playroom or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart can only be played on the Sony PlayStation 5. By the way, competing Microsoft follows a slightly different strategy – practically all of its Xbox games are also adapted for PC.

In addition, consoles can play both games downloaded from the Internet and games stored on physical media. The advantage of the latter is that when the game gets bored or you beat all the halls, the CD can be handed over to a friend or sold. While there are exceptions, most PC games are only sold online.

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“A console may be your first choice due to the nature of your favorite games, for example, it is more fun to play adventure games. The console also allows you to play comfortably with friends by sitting on the sofa in front of the largest home screen – the TV,” says Ž . fluff.

Overall, game consoles allow you to enjoy games without any extra hassle: you buy a game and you play. Meanwhile, the computer must meet at least minimum requirements, take care of updates of the operating system, software and drivers for it, and if the gaming experience is not satisfactory – buy additional hardware, such as a more powerful video card, more RAM, etc. to that and so on.

True, console versions of games are usually a little more expensive than PC games. However, the consoles themselves are incomparably cheaper: they cost up to 500 euros, while a decent gaming computer will fall back at least a few times more. “There is one nuance: The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 game consoles that were introduced last year are still hard to find and lack around the world. This is used by sellers who have artificially raised their prices.”Ž. fluff.

Computer – for all tastes and hobbies

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: even a mid-range gaming computer will cost more than the latest console, and to really enjoy gaming, you will have to invest not only in the processor, video card and other computer components, but also in a monitor, keyboard, mouse, chairs, sound systems or headphones.

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On the other hand, a powerful gaming computer at home can have many uses: it can work, study, program, surf the web, use it for other entertainment, and even edit photos or videos.

“It is possible to use a powerful gaming laptop, but it will be more expensive and less efficient. As a result, hard-working gamers usually choose desktop computers that upgrade their hardware over time, such as replacing the video card, adding more internal or working memory, And the like. In that case, you can enjoy the latest games for a longer time.” fluff.

A gaming computer is also essential if you like strategy or online multiplayer games, or if you want to customize the game, for example, by creating your own maps.

However, PC game lovers appreciate the ability to play games at the highest possible quality. Yes, the latest gaming consoles are breathing in their backs, but the gap is still growing every year, with major manufacturers updating their consoles on average every 5-7 years.

Well, most importantly, the collection of games on the PC is often larger and cheaper than the console-based versions. PC owners have many choices about where and how to buy games and take advantage of promotions and specials from competing stores.

“It is not a bad choice: both the console and the gaming PC have their own advantages that can only be appreciated after trying them. It all depends on the wishes and needs of the player – what and how he wants to play – and financial possibilities”, concludes Ž. fluff.

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