Tesla, Lincoln and Ram Top Consumer Reports list of Top Consumer Reports

Consumption reports He was just released A list of the most popular and least known car brandsBased on owner satisfaction survey. They asked 369,000 owners whether they would buy back the same car if they had the option and extrapolate data for results. Tesla, Lincoln and Ram are at the top of the list, and Cadillac, Nissan and Infiniti are at the bottom.

What’s interesting here, the car content specialist Consumption reports Mike Quincy told me that some brands with a high degree of owner satisfaction, such as Tesla and Lincoln, have several models with less than average reliability. Therefore, even with their shortcomings, many car owners are still happy with their options.

This year, Tesla scored the best result in the survey, with owners rating their cars four or five out of five for travel, comfort and cabin electronics. No matter what you think about Tesla, you should know that Tesla owners are completely fond of their cars. Lincoln and Ram, the second and third brands in the survey, may not generate the same level of liking, but the owners are very satisfied with their purchases. This, in turn, translates into frequent sales and positive word of mouth.

Quincy mentioned that it’s not very expensive brands that collect points. BMW is at 13th, Lexus is 19th and Mercedes-Benz is 23rd.

Simply because the manufacturer has a lot of very expensive models, like Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac, Consumption reportsQuincy told me: “An owner satisfaction survey shows that even when they’re spending a lot of money, a lot of people aren’t happy with their purchase.”

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Think about the reasons people choose a car: They may have grown up with Ford trucks and this is their preference. It is familiar. Or, perhaps they had a bad experience with a single brand lemon and only drove the closest competitor. The ‘halo effect’ (in other words, a lasting positive impression that carries over to other aspects of the brand or person) is a true bias, and therefore the opposite. Consumption reports He said Jeb is a good example; Jeep Wranglers tend to score low in annual reliability surveys. Ask any Wrangler owner what they think of their vehicle and you will find a star-studded dedication to the Jeep experience.

“Of course we understand the motive: some Consumer Reports Testers own cars that are unsafe because they are enthusiastic about their other qualities, such as acceleration and maneuverability. ” Consumer Reports
John Linkoff says.

Also of interest is the Chrysler’s high rating, which I think is determined by the popularity of the Pacifica pickup, which I can guarantee as an excellent ride. Hates all the minivans you love, but if you travel overland, Pacifica is extremely practical and comfortable. I’ve also driven quite a few Buicks and scored high on the Consumer Reports Reliability Chart, but the level of satisfaction is low.

What are you driving and are you happy about it?

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