The CEO of OpenAI and the former Apple designer will collaborate to release a new device

The CEO of OpenAI and the former Apple designer will collaborate to release a new device

In recent days, the world’s attention has focused on the announcement iPhone 15 And the new features it brings. However, for this to be possible, the iPhone first had to position itself, and he was one of the people to help with that Jony Iveformer designer of Manzana Recognized for his creative involvement in design iPhone, iMac and MacBook Air.

And now, in recent days, his name has been circulating on social media because of the alleged attack Conversations with Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT developer, OpenAI.

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According to the method the informationThe men were going to get together to explore creating a new hardware product related to artificial intelligence.

So far, the AI ​​product in question remains a complete mystery. No details about its appearance have been shared, and it’s not even clear if OpenAI will be manufacturing the product.

It should be remembered that cooperation with Jony Ive He has generated some interest, given his long 25-year history at Apple, where he was best known for his work in product design.

There are many rumors surrounding the reasons for his departure Manzanabut it is generally believed that this is due to differences in the company’s culture and management, compared to the time when it cooperated closely with Steve Jobs.

But this is not the only thing that arouses the curiosity of Internet users. According to the media Interested in tradea Japanese company called Softbankwhich focuses on technology investments, will also participate in this project.

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Masayoshi Son, CEO of the aforementioned company, has been aware of these conversations since his statement Its interest in investing in OpenAI was announced earlier this month, although its exact role in product development remains uncertain.

Finally, returning to Altman, the CEO has a long history of relations with the American technology company. In addition, he collaborated with Thomas Mayerhofer, who previously worked at Apple under Ive. The media reported it the edge, Which reported that the two collaborated on the design of the Orb, a controversial device dedicated to the Worldcoin crypto project, which uses retinal scanning technology.

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OpenAI offers a content moderation system using GPT-4

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has unveiled a content moderation system powered by GPT-4. The purpose of this tool is to monitor the flow of Internet traffic and filter out content that is considered “toxic and harmful” on the Internet.

The company also highlighted the arduous nature and deep understanding of context that the task of moderating online content requires, as well as the need to quickly adapt to new situations in the field.

OpenAI has developed a solution to address this challenge, which consists of a content moderation system based on GPT-4 technology. This system has the ability to examine and filter information online, and identify what is classified as “toxic and harmful content” on various digital platforms.

According to a statement posted on the OpenAI blog, this solution uses the most advanced artificial intelligence to support online traffic management, adapting to the specific policies of each platform on which it is implemented. The OpenAI API provides access to this technology, allowing any user to implement the system and create their own AI-powered moderation process.

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Chinese company Baidu has launched its own chatbot as a competitor to ChatGPT

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