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[Epoch Times News في 3 يناير 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhao Shan collects a report) During the New Year holidays, House Speaker and California Democrat NancyPelosi(Nancy Pelosi) and Senate Majority Leader, Republican Kentucky Mickey?McConnellIt was Mitch McConnell’s homes.TingeHarm.

According to the information on the walls, windows and garages of homesTingeThe content speculated that protesters had expressed dissatisfaction with their failure to pass a bill intended to increase the amount of rescue checks. The bill failed to pass in Congress on Friday (January 1).

Local NBC affiliate WLEX reported early Friday,PelosiHomes in San Francisco have been sprayed with words like “$ 2000!” “Cancel the rent!” “We want everything!”

According to “Capitol Hill” in Washington, they contacted Pelosi’s office, but they did not receive an immediate response.

Saturday (January 2),McConnellThe home was also targeted in Louisville, Kentucky, with graffiti on the front door with the words “Where’s My Money” and “Mickey Killed the Poor.” Other insulting words were sprayed on the windows and walls.

After President Trump (Trump) was criticized, Democratic House of Representatives changed a bill to increase the bailout check from $ 600 to $ 2,000. The bill was approved by the House of Representatives at the end of last year.

However, by Friday, the bill was rejected in the Senate, making it impossible for lawmakers to present the bill to President Trump before the end of the current Congress, and the chance to sign it was eliminated.

The 116th conference will end on Sunday morning (3 January).

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When the bill was passed, many House Republicans supported it, and some Senate Republicans also expressed support for the bill.

However, some other Republicans opposed the bill on the grounds that the budget deficit would rise.

McConnell said the $ 2,000 check offer could be linked to the abolition of Section 230 and the creation of a commission to investigate allegations of voter fraud and irregularities in the November election.

On Saturday (January 2), a spokesperson for McConnell’s office issued a statement condemning the vandalism of the majority leader’s Kentucky residence.

“I have spent all of my career fighting for the First Amendment and advocating for peaceful protests. I thank everyone who participated in the Kentucky Democratic process, whether they agreed with me or not,” McConnell said in the statement.

McConnell added, “But this (situation) is different. Subversion and the politics of fear have no place in our society.”

He also said, “My wife and I have never been intimidated by this sinister situation. We just hope our neighbors in Louisville won’t be disturbed by this radical venting of anger.”

According to WLEX TV, police in the two cities where Pelosi and McConnell are located are continuing to investigate graffiti and acts of vandalism to identify potential suspects.

It’s not clear if any security cameras have spotted McConnell’s home, but according to local TV stations, Pelosi’s home and surrounding areas were monitored by multiple security cameras.

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