A woman went to the hospital with stomach pain and ended up giving birth: ‘I was shocked’ | miscellaneous

A 29-year-old woman, Yénifer Londono, told Colombian media CaracolTV that she never realized she was pregnant and that after she went to hospital with stomach pain, doctors diagnosed her as pregnant.

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They told me I was in labor and one of the sources had exploded and it was supposed to be an ejection birth. They put the baby on me because I was in shockand narrated.

Yennefer said the situation surprised her because she wasn’t ready to have a baby.

It’s a blessing, I love it just like my other kids, but it’s something I still doubt because we weren’t prepared with clothes or nappies, or with baby thingsYenifer says.

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The heroine of this story stated that she had a period, her stomach did not grow and she did not feel any symptoms. Yennefer Londono is the mother of two other children.

For clinicians, it is a unique issue. “There are certain characteristics of patients such as diabetes, obese patients, patients with very high muscle mass who are likely not to feel pregnant.‘,” says gynecologist David Giraldo Cardona.

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