WhatsApp Change: An unexpected innovation from January 2021 on Messenger

WhatsApp is very popular. But the messaging software should disappear from many iPhone and Android smartphones.

NRW – whether to send PicturesAnd the Videos or Voice messages: WhatsApp Just not like Web version Common on computers, but especially so Implementation On smart phones. But with millions of devices it should messenger It will not be available from January 1, 2021.

Implementation The WhatsApp
First release date May 3, 2009
Developer WhatsApp Inc. / Facebook Inc
Year of Publication 2009
Original authors Brian Acton, Jan Kum
owner Facebook Inc.

WhatsApp: Messenger deletes the app on Android and iPhone smartphones after New Year’s Eve

Bad news for many Users From The WhatsApp You must obtain an urgent copy of your copy Software On the smart phone Check. Because they are both in Android devices And also in Iphone From an Apple There has to be a change in a few days that maybe not everyone will like it.

Sending New Year’s Eve greetings via WhatsApp messenger is a must for countless users, especially in times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to the lockdown, only five people from two families are currently allowed to meet to enter new Public to me In order to celebrate. But with sending a file News Some should Smartphone owner Don’t wait too long.

As I mentioned various portals, the Implementation on each other Devices With Male in appearance or iOS when Operating System It will not work from January 2021. For some IPhone owner There is still a chance though.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp will disappear from smartphones in 2021 – any iPhones will be affected

It should be there Implementation Because of the new Features It no longer works. This is affected by this iPhone 4 And the older generations with one Operating System From Apple this is worse than iOS 9. The two people The WhatsApp On iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6s, you can take a deep breath – all under one condition. That should be possible Operating System To update to iOS 9 or higher.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging programs in Germany, but the app will not work on many devices as of January.

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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular choice for sending messages with files like photos and videos. But the Messenger, in which there are some rules to observe, has been around for some time competitor From cable. Stay on top, publish it The WhatsApp Always new Features And the mission For the latest devices. It is different with the elderly smart phones Outside.

If you are not sure which version is latest Iphone It is what can in Settings I am looking for one system update Search.

WhatsApp has been turned off for countless smartphones: the Messenger app on Android devices is also disappearing

But not only IPhone users Part of the change The WhatsApp Affected. Even people with one Android phone ought to Operating System Check. For further use it must be from January 2021 At least Android OS 4.0.3 version required.

Even with those smart phones It can be searched for in the settings under the “System” category, and if necessary, a Update To a newer version.

In the video: WhatsApp Web should have a popular post

The improvement should also be continued The WhatsApp The web. Popular features of the Smart phone application It should also be usable on the computer.

Turn Off WhatsApp on Android and Apple: How Users Can Keep Their Data

Anyone from the list equipment You should get one urgently before January Chat backup Cloud-related. at Male in appearance ability WhatsApp users Do this by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and then in the settings on “ChatsClick. The “Chat backup” category shows when the last local backup was executed on the smartphone and the backup via Google Drive. There is also a button to directly backup data.

For single owners Iphone The process is similar. Here, too, there is an icon in the upper right corner, but there is a pen and paper. It’s below the “Chats” option and on another click, users will access a file Chat backup.

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