The “Polish Chernobyl” was a secret location that housed part of the Soviet nuclear arsenal. The city is removed from the map

Born Solinow Known b ghost town“Poland, For For It hasn’t appeared on any map in decades. Era Site Excreted Which, at its peak Rthe war RECE, it may have hidden a lethal arsenal of destructive nuclear weapons Great Western Uri Reports CNN.

Others Baptized him Polish ChernobylBecause the secret Ocean Mystrele Sell ​​radioactive a led to Disturbing comparisons with Exclusion zone in Ukraine after the 1986 tragedy.

aStoie, Burnie Solenow, From northern Poland, I know Transformation a Destination Unique tourist For those looking for adventures And the Who want to explore a beautiful natural area and hot spot From the era SovietE, left so far Relatively unknown.

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, this place was only available to those with a special permit. All Those who did not have such a permit I have others stat Away and pretend he knows nothing about him Avoid this place.

Almost 12,000 Army SovietI am They had been In Borne Sulinowo Military Complex at its peak Rthe war RECE. No They were part of the Northern Group of Forces located in Poland as part of the Warsaw Pact between the Soviet Union and the Socialist Republics of the Eastern Bloc.

a It was a huge construction site for troops and military installationsSays Wies Waw Bartoszek, owner of the local museum in Borne Sulinowo.

After 1945, when the Soviets took over, the complex became part of the military plans of the Warsaw Pact, which included massive exercises. For Land and air forces to invade the west. There was only one road leading there, and it was a railroad that reached the mysterious city behind the electrified walls.He adds.

aThe people who lived near Borne Solino were very afraid At least we’re talking about Orașul secret.

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Even before the Soviets arrived, most of the city was Area ForbiddenComplex. Before ato Drchickens RAsbestos Mondial, when the region was part of Germany, the city was known as Total It was born and served as a military base and training ground. Adolf Hitler was photographed during his visit over there In 1938.

In 1939, the troops Of tanks Stationed No gros born Under the leadership of General Heinz Guderian launched the invasion of Poland which a FireR Global struggle. It was used later As a prison for Prisoners of war.

The Germans built most of the infrastructure that the Soviets later used. There used to be barracks, a railroad, and a huge complex of military hospitals today it’s a abandoned.

Security fences and barbed wire have long since disappeared, leaving deserted land wide open for curious visitors. Tourists They wander among the trees and shrubs that grow around it Effects Buildings.

Bartoschek says the area is especially popular with tourists during the summer season. He likes to tell them Your visitors The story of a mysterious tunnel running under the hospital, connecting a room used for dissection of human dead bodies by rail. Researchers are not yet sure why Era user.

Currently, Borne Sulinowo is Area residentialComplex. After the soviets left, the barracks were turned into apartments. The railway was removed and diverted to Way.

People came to Borne from other parts of Poland because apartments were so cheap, ”says Bartoszek. About 5,000 people live here now.

Some buildings have also been restored user Over the years. A Soviet-era hospital intact and renovated. Another H-shaped building in the city center now seek refuge Elderly and Rehabilitation Unit for Multiple Sclerosis Patients.

Still the city they She still shows signs of the past. Some buildings, such as the large structure that housed the old building Mess Officers, now on Ruin And you need resetWalls.

aLaughter hopes to attract investors To convert it to A destination for tourists who want to explore nature – and L. Will give A piece of Soviet history.

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