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Sino-American relations were seriously shaken more than ten years before the end of the Trump administration. US Secretary of State Pompeo recently announced the lifting of “self-restrictions on exchanges between US and Taiwan officials.” In response to a regular press conference on Monday (11), the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it is advisable to “Pompeo and his ilk” to familiarize himself with historical trends, to stop manipulating issues related to Taiwan, to stop skewed, and not to follow the wrong and dangerous path. Going farther and farther; Pompeo also gave one last 12-word strong warning – otherwise, history will severely punish him.

Zhao Legian hosted a regular press conference on the 11th and was asked: Mike Pompeo would lift restrictions on exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, and an official in the transition team Joe Biden said he would continue to support him once he took office. The Taiwan issue should be resolved in accordance with the wishes of the Taiwan people and in the interests of the Taiwan people. What are the views of the Chinese on this issue?

In response, Zhao Lijian stated that China strongly opposes and strongly condemns the aforementioned measures by the United States. “There is only one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory. The government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government that represents the whole of China. This is a fundamental fact recognized by the international community and a basic rule of international relations.”

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Zhao said Pompeo and the like should be corrected

Then he reiterated the historical background, saying that the United States government has made serious commitments to China on the Taiwan issue; The “Statement on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and the United States” published on December 16, 1978 clearly states that the United States recognizes the government of the People’s Republic of China as the only law of China. The government, within this scope, the American people will maintain cultural, commercial and other informal relations with the people of Taiwan; The United States must believe in its words, and it must not use any excuses for misinterpretation or deviation.

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Zhao Lijian also noted that the US so-called “Taiwan Relations Act” seriously violates the one-China principle and the three articles of the Sino-US joint communique, and China has strongly opposed it from the start. Regarding the Taiwan issue, what the United States should abide by is the one-China principle and the provisions of the Three Joint Communiques between China and the United States, not the “Taiwan Relations Act” unilaterally followed by the United States.

He stressed that the Taiwan issue has always been the most important and most sensitive core issue in Sino-U.S. Relations; The one-China principle is the political foundation of Sino-US relations and a prerequisite for the establishment and development of diplomatic relations between the two sides.

We urge the United States to adhere to the one-China principle and the articles of the three Sino-U.S. Joint communiques, and to cease any words and actions that would enhance US-Taiwan relations and strengthen military ties with Taiwan. Pompeo and his ilk are advised to familiarize themselves with historical trends, stop manipulating Taiwan issues, stop skewed, and not go down the wrong and dangerous path, otherwise history will punish them severely.

In addition, Zhao Lijian was also asked about Pompeo’s frequent tweets on this month’s 8 critical of the Chinese Communist Party’s policies and positions on religion, human rights, issues relating to Tibet, and issues related to Xinjiang, and said that the relevant measures against China were “legacy” during his tenure. What’s China’s comment?

Otherwise, history will punish severely.

Zhao Lijian replied, “What Pompeo left behind is not what is called a“ heritage, ”but a legacy? The biggest of the so-called“ heritage ”is“ lie diplomacy. ”

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Pompeo cancels restrictions on exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, Xinhua News Agency criticizes malicious intent

He said Pompeo not only planned to implement “lie diplomacy,” but also to create and spread a malicious “political virus”. Pompeo did more damage to the relationship between the United States and other countries and to the image and reputation of the United States than at any other time in US history. There are many governments.

Zhao Lijian said, “Any attempt to frame China’s policy as a shift or even sabotage to China is an” impossible mission “and is doomed to failure.

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