The storm brought Philomena too …

Despite the visual havoc it left Spain he is Philomena temporaryIn recent days, “Snow Deniers” has appeared in the country. Like those people who don’t believe in a pandemic, these people make all kinds of crazy hypotheses to justify the lack of snow.

Local media explained that the term became popular over the weekend, after revealing on social media a video clip in which a woman picks up a small snowball from her balcony and burns it with a lighter.

You will check that this snow is not real snow. It is pure plastic. I’ll burn it with a lighter so you can see, “he says at the beginning of the video.

After the snowball is burned, he explains, “This, as you can see, does not crumble, it stays black. It smells like burning plastic.” Immediately he confirms:This is nonsense they send to us. This is pure plastic and they keep fooling us with everything“.

After the video has spread, Some scholars and callers came to explain the phenomenon. Luis Quevedo, a Spanish science photographer, said the snow “turns black because the lighter turns black when it leaves burning residue and soot.”

Snow – he continued – does not fall for two reasons: because when you put the flame in it, the water that turns into a liquid is absorbed by the snow into the ball, and because what is heated immediately what will happen is the gas phase, which is known as sublimation.

This is not a mystery: you are burning hydrocarbonsAnd concluded to end the theory of evil.

Loudspeaker VaryIngweion, biologist and celebrity, also disputed the crazy claim on Twitter. “The water (even the freezer) has a specific high temperature. If the snowball is lumpy (I remove the air between the snowflakes), the ice is in contact with … well, more ice,” he said. About the phenomenon of not melting snow.

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You are applying a flame to a specific point, and most of the heat it receives will dissipate through the rest of the ice block, without actually melting.Because of the high specific heat. “

“ However, at the point where the flame strikes directly, the ice, which suddenly goes from very low temperature to very high temperature, goes through a process well known to anyone who has studied physics and chemistry at ESO, which does sublimationPassing from ice to steam without going through the liquid phase, “he continued.

About the black color of the snow, he noted, “It’s normal, that’s it Soot from fuel Deposition on the surface (snowball, glass, whatever). The smell is the same. Butane gas has no odor, but it mixes with substances that have an odor. The smell comes from those impurities that burn. “

Hundreds of users who questioned “snow deniers” with ingenious memories have been added to tech explanations on social networks.

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