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Inside: Hans Høeg is photographed here during Nordic Media Days in Bergen in 2019. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Washington, D.C. (VG) Two weeks ago, Hans Huig saw his former workplace stormed by thousands of Trump supporters. He now believes the president has lost all confidence and is effectively stripped of power.


People haven’t received orders from Trump for several weeks now. It is practically without power. There have been conversations between Congress and the military that if they finally do something crazy, the military has been asked not to obey orders, says Hugh over the phone from California.

Drammenseren holds a master’s degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but graduated in 2013 Republican Chief of Staff Thomas Massey is a member of the House of Representatives. He now lives in California and is writing a book about his six years at the gates of the Democratic heart of the United States.

He still had near-daily contact with Massey, who himself had to evacuate when the president’s supporters took over the presidency of Congress.

Hoge says Massey barricaded inside the office when Trump supporters walked down the hallways and shouted “Heng Mike Pence! Heng Mike Pence! ”

Good Friends: Hans Huig was Republican Thomas Massey chief of staff for six years. Photo: Private

Not support

On Wednesday last week, Hughig’s former employer Massey, along with 196 other Republicans, voted “no” to the Supreme Court.

Isn’t this a Republican opportunity to distance themselves from Trump once and for all?

I think many Republicans want to move forward. And then, unfortunately, a large part of this is political. If they vote “yes,” they will join the Democrats’ narrative. It’s not about supporting Trump by voting no, because almost nobody is doing that right now.

background: Trump filed a lawsuit for the second time

“I do not agree to the operation”

VG previously spoke to “Lincoln Project” -ob, Mike Madrid That broke out in 2019 from the Republican Party and helped shape what we know today as the “Lincoln Project”: Republican dissidents who distanced themselves from Trump.

Madrid believes that those who define themselves as party conservatives will have to form alliances with his ilk: Republicans who distance themselves from Trump or the Conservative Democrats. And the result could be that a new conservative party must be formed – that distanced itself from Trump and what he stands for.

Big companies are distancing themselves from Trump. People who worked closely with him for several years quit, and the banks would have nothing to do with him. But 197 Republicans still support him. why?

Based on the information I have, the vote against the Supreme Court was not supportive of Trump. Hoge says they disagree with the process now underway and point to the fact that Trump, so to speak, has been stripped of power.

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This is Biden’s choice

Hoge thinks Democrats were hoping for the following scenario:

  • Trump himself resigned
  • Pence used the 25th constitutional amendment.

Not surprisingly, none of the parts happened, which made it so Nancy Pelosi had to take action herself.

Trump will now be the first president to stand trial twice.

What happened on Wednesday two weeks ago was shocking. But in many ways it was also predictable. This man has had dictatorial tendencies since we met him, and it shouldn’t surprise us that he can do something like this.

See VG photographer’s photos of the days following the storm:

Words matter

Huigh believes that the debate in the Senate on the guilt issue will address the specific words Trump used before asking his supporters to march on Congress as well as the words used during it. The phone call he had with Georgia’s foreign minister, Brad Ravensberger Before the Senate elections.

When asked if he had any idea of ​​the guilt issue, Hoge was clear:

He has the same dictatorial tendencies as Stalin and Hitler, so I clearly think that Trump’s actions before the storm contributed to what happened.

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This is how the Supreme Court can delay Biden’s start: – Boil

More A thousand soldiers He has now captured the US capital, and extensive security measures are in place before Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

Shops, restaurants and hotels fortified their windows. Police have cordoned off large areas, and there is visible police in the streets. Outside of Congress, high barbed wire fences appeared.

I might wait

The Senate meets on Tuesday, January 19, the day before Biden is inaugurated. It was only after Biden’s inauguration that they would make a decision on the guilt issue, Huig.

– The timing will have a lot to say. I know they thought they’d keep the decision in the House of Representatives, forward it to the Senate after Biden’s inauguration – as well as wait several days before establishing his administration, maybe 100 days.

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Biden has repeatedly stated that he wants to reunite the country – which has become more divided than ever.

The Democrats are afraid to draw attention away from their president because this Supreme Court case will be in the background for the first few months.

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