Jill Biden: She is the future First Lady of the United States

Jill Tracy Jacobs is the first name for Jill Biden, The future first lady of the United States of America. Photo: Getty Images.

Jill Tracy Jacobs is the first name for Jill Biden, Who will be the First Lady of the United States starting next Wednesday, January 20: He was born in New Jersey on June 3, 1951He has Italian origins from the paternal branch and has studies in education and fashion marketing (this latter major has not been practiced) by the universities of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

  • Jill Biden He teaches English at Virginia College.

Jam Jill Biden She is ready to transform her new role, even before moving to the White House in Washington, DC: While the first ladies traditionally They only perform ceremonial duties, Jill Biden She intends to keep her full-time job as an English teacher while her husband is Joe Biden He serves as president.

a family Jill Biden

Jill Tracy Jacobs is married to Joe Biden In 1977 she became the “mother” to the children of Joe Hunter and Boo Biden. Owns Their common daughter, Ashley, was born in 1981. While raising his family, Jill Biden He holds MA and PhD degrees in Education, and Joe support Biden In three previous presidential nominations, he was one of his most tireless supporters during his last career.

Scandals Jill Biden?

In August 2020, social media users posted posts claiming this Jill Biden He said That all Americans should learn Spanish If her husband wins the US presidential election. There is no record of this Jill Biden He made this statement and the media confirmed that it was Fake new.

  • Posts associated with an article on a website called New York Post.
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This article says: “The only initiative Jill Biden As a first lady, he would be asking Americans to learn Spanish. ”However, Some believe that the opposition and extremist ethnic groups made up these commentsAmid the severe turmoil of the Democratic and Republican presidential campaign in the final stage of 2020.

Jill Biden She didn’t talk much about her future as a first lady, but said she would continue to teach. Photo: AFP.

Jill Biden Share In interaction with Hispanic votersHe made a video call with Latin leaders in Arizona in May 2020 and made weekly calls with members of the Latino Caucus in Congress. As well Speak at an organized virtual roundtable By the United Latin American Citizens Association (LULAC): guaranteed that Latinos have a place at the table.

  • Jill Biden Learn Spanish with the Babbel app, according to Washington Post.
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