10 former Latin American presidents have asked the IMF to take responsibility for the loan to Macri

On Wednesday, January 26, ten former Latin American presidents signed a public letter requesting the International Monetary Fund ‘Taking Responsibility’ for Being Awarded in 2018 “Standard Credit” $45 billion For the government of Mauricio Macri.

According to the two sites, He said that the amount was transferred “in order to benefit from it for the electoral process and to limit the next steps.”, referring to the management of everyone’s front. as they claimed Immediate cancellation of additional loan fees.

Former President Mauricio Macri with the former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde.

Along the same lines, consider it necessary The International Monetary Fund gives Argentina terms that allow “economic growth without brutal adjustments or fiscal constraints” that are subject to poverty.

The claim was posted only 2 days later A new maturity of the debt with the fund, in this case with $731 million in capital amortization, which Argentina would have to contend with with reserves if it chose to pay.

Away from the agreement, the government faces its first maturity date with the International Monetary Fund in the amount of 731 million US dollars

Who signed the public letter addressed to the International Monetary Fund?

The demand for the body headed by Kristalina Georgieva collected the signatures of Latin American figures from the Brotherhood Initiative, according to which various figures of Latin American politics plan joint actions, under the coordination of the Deputy Speaker of the Mercosur Parliament (Barlasur), Oscar Laborde; Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives. Eduardo Valdes (in front of All-CABA); s Former President Lugo, from Paraguay.

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The document you have accessed blame It bears the signature of the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil), former head of government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Spain), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Ernest Samper (Colombia), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras) and Lionel Fernandez (Dominican Republic).

President Alberto Fernandez and IMF President Kristalina Georgieva
President Alberto Fernandez and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva.

It was also signed by district leaders such as Celso Amorim (Brazil); Senator Lucia Topolanski (Uruguay); Defense Minister, Jorge Tayana; Puebla Group Coordinator, Marco Enriquez Uminami (Chili pepper); The current ambassador of Bolivia to the United Nations, Diego couples; and former Foreign Ministers Ricardo Patiño (Ecuador) and George Lara Castro (Paraguay), among other countries.

Finally, the letter culminates in the signatures of the current Vice President of Peru, Dina Polarti; Members of parliaments of the region, such as senators from Paraguay Jorge Querrey and Esperanza Martinez (Front Guasú), Argentinean wife Oscar Barrel (FdT-Neuquén), Uruguayan deputy Daniel Kagiani (Broad Front) Parliamentarians from Mercosur Victor Santa Maria (head block FdT) and Cecilia Britto (Head of the Argentine delegation).

Without agreement with IMF, Kirchnerism warns that ‘default is not the worst cure’

What do they claim in the document about religion?

under The International Monetary Fund must take responsibility for it. The general message begins with a partial quote from The letter sent by Pope Francis in April 2021 to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank By the Spring Meetings (Northern Hemisphere) of those bodies.

The Pope called for the functioning of markets to be supported “with laws and regulations that ensure their contribution to the common good, and that funds work for much-needed social goals during the health emergency.”

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The promotion of a humane economic policy strives for a more distributed and inclusive model of life, which thinks of common men and women; and question the concentration of global wealth by a small minority.”

International Monetary Fund
The headquarters of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, USA.

Francis called on the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to “significantly reduce the debt of poor countries.”

Then, put the focus on Consequences of a possible agreement, the letter states that the terms of rescheduling Argentina’s debt maturities They must not “subject the Argentine people to conditions of impoverishment.”.

Public Speech for Wednesday, January 26th It joined other interventions to support the country at the crossroads of debtTwenty days ago, the foreign ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States met at the end of their meeting in Buenos Aires.

And in an official statement, a paragraph was included in it It recorded its support for Argentina in its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to reach an agreement This allows him to continue his recovery, improve his social status and refinance his debts.”


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