New features in phone cameras 2022

Smartphone cameras are expected to have many valuable additions, such as the integration of a dedicated image processing chip, and increased anti-shake capabilities.

Improved hidden camera under the screen

After the first smartphone with a camera under the screen is ZTE Axon 20 In 2020, there were some similar models like Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 which was released last year.

Most smartphones with hidden cameras under the screen clearly reveal the area where the lens is placed. Photo: Androidauthority

However, the disadvantage of these devices is that the hidden camera area is not smooth, and the image quality is not as high as that of conventional cameras. According to experts, manufacturers will likely continue to improve screen technology, hardware, and algorithms to overcome these issues.

Cinema Mode

Photo: Apple

The feature of cinematic mode in the iPhone camera. Photo: An apple

One of the impressive points on the camera iPhone 13 To be Cinema Mode (movie mode). This feature is a smarter version of portrait mode, allowing focus when detecting a target’s face, where the face is pointing, and tracking other movements. Android manufacturers have frequently copied interesting features on the iPhone, so cinematic mode may not be out of sight in 2022.

RGBW camera sensor

Regular camera sensors have a color filter that contains red, green, and blue (RGB) sub-pixels. But the RGBW sensor adds white pixels for better light reception and less noise. This solution appeared on 2015 smartphones like Huawei P8 and some phones OPPOBut it went unnoticed.

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Photo: Androidauthority

The 2022 smartphone camera will improve low-light photography. Photo: AndroidAuthority

He follows AndroidAuthorityRGBW may appear again this year. In fact, Oppo had planned to launch a commercial device with RGBW in the fourth quarter of 2021 but that was too late. Meanwhile, some sources say that the Galaxy S22 may use a 50MP RGBW camera sensor.

Anti-vibration technology to a new level

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology has been an indispensable feature of high-end and semi-premium phones over the years. However, the Android manufacturer is relying on new technologies to better resist vibration.

In 2021, Vivo will introduce micro-gimbal stabilization technology for cameras and is expected to enhance this feature this year. Oppo has also demonstrated 5-axis OIS technology since last year and is expected to be commercialized on products in early 2022. In addition, some other companies are also working on new image stabilization technology to complement OIS.

Enhanced telephoto lens

Last year, Sony stunned the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III – two smartphones with telephoto cameras that can change focus. With a lens system with an optical element that physically moves within the camera system, switching between 70mm and 105mm lengths, the camera does not need two telephoto lenses and a periscope like other smartphones.

Xperia 1 III has a convertible telephoto camera.  Photo: Androidauthority

Xperia 1 III has a convertible telephoto camera. Photo: AndroidAuthority

Although Sony’s ideas are limited, they inspire other companies. Last year Oppo announced its first optical zoom module, allowing seamless shooting at any point between 3.3x and 7x. Some other companies are also considering flexible zoom options for telephoto lenses rather than adding multiple lenses.

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Best 8K Video Recording

8K video recording debuted on phones in 2019 with the Red Magic 3 model, but it only achieved a rather low rate of 15 frames per second (fps). A year later, thanks to improvements on the Snapdragon 865 chip, the smartphone can record 8K 30fps video.

8K video recording will be popular on Android smartphones this year.  Photo: Androidauthority

8K video recording will be popular on Android smartphones this year. Photo: Androidauthority

In 2022, experts expect smartphones to be able to record 8K 60fps video. The development of the Snadragon 8 Gen 1 chip allows this, but it is not clear how Android manufacturers will come up with a specific solution.

Dedicated image processing chip

Most smartphones today have to rely on an in-chip image signal processor (ISP) to process the captured images. However, the direction of 2022 will favor the replacement of ISPs with separate chips.

For example, in 2021, Xiaomi Mix Fold, Vivo X70 Pro Plus and Oppo Find N will have their own image processing chips. Xiaomi says its dedicated chip provides better low-light shots, improved focus, white balance, and auto exposure. Vivo claims that its chips offer better noise cancellation, power control, and more.

Some experts say it wouldn’t be surprising if Google, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and many other brands continue the trend of using separate chipsets for their smartphone cameras in 2022.

Delete the image from the image

Photos taken before (left) and after using Magic Eraser on Pixel 6. Photo: Pocketnow

Original shot and after using Magic Eraser on Pixel 6. Photo: jeep now

Google’s Pixel 6 series offers a host of great camera features, including Magic Eraser mode. This tool allows users to remove people or objects from the photo while keeping the natural look of the photo.

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Similar features to Magic Eraser are available in a number of standalone apps and experts believe that with actual demand from users, phone manufacturers will soon integrate this tool into their cameras.

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