How to remove a Google account from a lost smartphone: How to delete a Google account from a stolen or lost smartphone? Learn the Easy Way – Remove Google Account from Your Lost or Stolen Smartphone, Step by Step Guide

This time the digital office:smart phone Loss or theft is a big problem right now. The reason is not just to buy a new smartphone. Even more, the phone that disappeared had a lot of important documents in it. There were also many important connections. Also a google account.

Everyone’s mobile phone nowadays has a lot of information associated with a Google account which is very personal. Everything from photos to contacts is backed up to your Gmail account. So if your smartphone is lost or stolen from that device google account It is very important to remove it.

How to remove a Google account from your stolen or lost smartphone? Discover.

* Log in to your account by opening from any browser.
* Now select the profile picture at the top right and select the “Manage your Google Account” option.
* Then open the Security tab and select the Device Manager option from the Your Devices section.
* Now select the device from the list from which you want to sign out.
* Then click on Sign Out option.
* You will be asked again if you really want to sign out.
* Select Sign out in the popup message here.

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At the end of everything, you will be logged out of the selected device. That is, you were able to successfully remove the Google account from your lost smartphone.

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