In Mali, the National Assembly asks to postpone the elections “from six months to five years”

Although there was not much suspense, it was the most viewed ad.
Participants spoke in favor of extending the transition period in order to enable structural institutional reforms and allow for fair, transparent and credible elections. Advanced deadlines vary from six months to five yearsTherefore, the High-ranking Financial Persons Committee is going in the same direction as the head of the military council who chose them. Assimi Goïta explained to the West African community that had summoned him to hand over the keys, the impossibility of meeting deadlines.

“group examination”

A special moment for the collective examination of conscience and insight“,”The perfect opportunity to suspend divisions“,”An exceptional opportunity to ask ourselves questions about the kind of citizens we want to be“…
On December 9, 2021, the President of the Military Council of Mali, Assimi Goïta, doubled the attributes to qualify the national measurements for the re-establishment that will open two days later.

Who is he talking to? For a financial opinion? To the Economic Community of West African States that you put pressure on him? To France with which relations have deteriorated too much, especially since the control of Bamako by the extended hand of Russia, which is especially evident by the imminent arrival of paramilitary forces from the Wagner private company.

Longer transition period?

From these foundations should emerge a Mali football a New Mali It was promised for a year and a half by Colonel Guetta, author of Two Coups. A promise has become a slogan but also an expectation.

Officials responsible for organizing these consultations ensure that they take place in 725 of the country’s 749 municipalities. It is said that 70,000 people participated. On the other hand, nine out of 60 constituencies (local authorities between the municipality and the district) were unable to participate in the comparisons for security reasons.

At the end of these two big weeks at the local level, the recommendations were “raised” in Bamako, entrusted to “A panel of high personalities Responsible for preparing the final report. Former ministers, senior officials, lawyers and historians, the nineteen members of this commission were appointed directly by Assimi Goïta.
Their recommendations made on Thursday, December 30th at the end of the day will be “executive“.in other words, the authorities undertake to apply it without touching it. On Monday, at the beginning of this final phase, Colonel Guetta asked the commission”To make a relentless diagnosis of the state of the nation, to draw the best lessons from it, and to analyze in depth the general situation of the country“.

There is no consensus

There was no consensus on the initiative of these re-establishment meetings.
On December 11, a exchange frameworkMeeting of many Parties and gatherings of Parties, they considered that these assessments were only one.Stretching maneuver“aimed at prolonging the transitional period on the part of the government”Without bookmark or compass“.
The day before, other important actors, within a permanent strategic framework (CSP), had also warned that the conclusions of the felonies would not engage them”neverThis partnership brings together the signatories of the Algiers Agreement (2015), which is supposed to stabilize the country.

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Opponents of this dialogue are not convinced a priori Through exercise, he preferred to insist that elections should be organized as quickly as possible.

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