PREPA denies it will have power generation problems at Christmas

Executive Director of PREPA, Josué Colón Ortiz. – Dennis Jones/Metro

They assure that they will be able to cover the energy demand of Puerto Rico

By metro Puerto Rico

Tuesday 12 October 2021 at 7:00 pm

Executive Director of PREPA, Josué Colón Ortiz. – Dennis Jones/Metro

The Executive Director of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), Jose Colon Ortiz, explained through written statements the information that emerged earlier about the reduction in electricity generation for which the island will have to prepare from November.

He also said, “The generation needed to meet Puerto Rico’s energy demand will be provided, while the necessary maintenance of the fleet of generation units will be provided to the Electric Power Authority and private service providers without affecting the electricity supply. Energy to customers.”

Colon Ortiz added: “It is completely wrong to say that the power supply will not be available for the Christmas period as a result of the Ecoelectrica and AES units being out for maintenance.”

EcoEl Eléctrica has a scheduled maintenance in November 2021, while AES has a scheduled maintenance in January 2022.

He continued, “This maintenance has been coordinated with our main generating stations, Costa Sur, Aguirre, Palo Seco, and San Juan, taking into account the work in progress and always making sure that the energy supply is maintained.”

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