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World Health Organization: More than 131 million confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia worldwide

According to the latest real-time WHO statistics, as of 16:19 on April 5, CEST (22:19 on April 5, Beijing time), there were a total of 1,31020967 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in all Worldwide, a total of 2850,521 deaths. On the fifth day, there were 561,783 new confirmed cases of coronary pneumonia worldwide, and 8,196 new deaths.

Epidemic data in the United States has been increasing for 4 consecutive weeks, and the population at risk of contracting the mutated virus is a younger group.

On April 5 local time, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia and the number of hospitalizations in the United States rose for 4 consecutive weeks. The average number of new cases per day in the past seven days is about 64,000, an increase from last week. 7%, the average number of admissions is about 4,970, an increase of 3% from last week.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that most new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States are infected with the mutated virus, and are concentrated in the younger population.

The number of individual bankruptcy filings in the US increased 41% in March, reaching the highest level in nearly a year

On April 5 local time, according to the latest report from data company “Epiq AACER”, the number of bankruptcies filed by individuals in the United States rose 41% in March, the highest level in a year. Additionally, the number of companies filing for bankruptcy has also increased.

German Minister of Health: The rate of new coronavirus vaccination in Germany will rise in April

On April 5th local time, German Federal Health Minister Spahn predicted that since April, the new coronavirus vaccination work in Germany will make great progress. He said 20% of Germans would be vaccinated by early May. With the increase in vaccine delivery, Germany will be able to achieve the next 10% within one month, and the new coronavirus vaccination rate in the second quarter will continue to increase.

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Six players from the Italian national football team have tested positive for the new coronation

The Italian newspaper “Repubblica” reported on April 5, after Bonucci and Ferrati, that four other Italian players had tested positive for the new coronavirus in their clubs. And they played with Franco, the Paris Saint-Germain player. The club, first division goalkeeper Cagliari Cranio and Torino Chiligo goalkeeper.

After the challenge outside Lithuania in a World Cup qualifier on March 31, a number of members of the Italian national team were diagnosed with the new coronavirus. In the next two days, Bonucci and Ferrati also tested positive for the new crown. Concerned clubs.

The epidemic has recovered in Japan, and Osaka and elsewhere have entered a “semi-emergency”

Recently, the epidemiological situation in Japan has recovered in many places. Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture began implementing a new round of epidemic control measures for a month from the fifth day, which basically entered a “semi-emergency”. Restaurant hours in Osaka, Nishinomiya, Kobe and other metropolitan areas have been shortened to 8 pm. If there is no good reason, customers not wearing masks will be denied entry, and customers will also be required to wear masks during meals. In addition to restaurants in Sendai as the main control area for the epidemic, opening hours in public places such as sports facilities and cinemas in the city have also been shortened to 8 pm.

German educational institutions recommend that high school leaving exams be canceled due to the severe epidemic

According to a report by the German newspaper Daily News on April 5, due to the increasing number of new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Germany, the German Federation of Education and Scientific Workers hopes to cancel the graduation exams from German high schools for 2021 if necessary. , And take the usual results as graduating results.

Maris Tepe, president of the German Federation of Education and Science Workers, said that if the number of new confirmed cases in Germany continues to rise, federal states should “take flexible measures to cancel this year’s high school graduation exams and use the usual results as the basis for registration.” She emphasized that even if the exam is canceled, the 2021 high school diploma must be recognized and respected by the states.

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Quebec, Canada extends lockdown to 8 cities and introduces curfew

In order to prevent and control the new crown epidemic, starting April 5 local time, Quebec, Canada, expanded the blockade by adding 5 cities to the existing three cities, and the curfew was moved from 21:30 to 20:00. During the curfew, all commercial service facilities except for basic life, including dining services in restaurants, must be closed. Schools are not allowed to conduct teaching without an internet connection. The above procedures will last for one week until April 12th.

The Thai Ministry of Health is advising the government to strengthen epidemic prevention and control during the holiday season

On the 5th local time, the Director of the Department of Disease Control and Prevention in Thailand, Oba, announced that the Thai Ministry of Health would propose to the government’s new Crown Epidemic Management Center to amend epidemic prevention measures during the traditional Thai festival Songkran. Including regional control according to the severity of the epidemic, it is recommended to include Bangkok and five other provinces in the red regions with the highest risk of the epidemic, and other regions to distinguish the severity of the epidemic according to orange, yellow and yellow. the green ; Increase screening of people from high-risk areas, especially those from Bangkok and surrounding areas, and restore a home registration and tracking system for epidemic prevention volunteers; Promote screening of places of entertainment in various places, especially more than 1000 entertainment venues in Bangkok; Major infectious disease hospitals provide virus testing services to the public at any time; Increase the density of the new coronary graft, etc.

The land border control measures between Portugal and Spain extended until April 15

According to local media reports on April 5, the Portuguese government announced, after coordination with the Spanish government, that measures to monitor the land and river borders between Portugal and Spain will be extended until April 15 local time to prevent further spread of the new crown. Pneumonia epidemic.

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Prior to April 15, local time, residents are not allowed to travel across the land border between Portugal and Spain, except for work, transport of goods, and return to their usual place of residence.

The hardest-hit region in India applies lockdown measures over the weekend

Due to the apparent recovery of the recent epidemic in India, from April 5, Maharashtra, the hardest-hit state in India, will begin implementing stricter restrictions.

As per the new regulations, curfews will be enforced across Maharashtra from 20 am to 7 am the next day during working days. The “weekend close” will be implemented between 20 am every Friday and 7 am on next Monday. People are not allowed out except for basic activities such as purchasing daily necessities and seeking medical treatment. Related restrictions will last until April 30.

Colombia will implement new measures to prevent the epidemic on the fifth of the month to prevent the third wave of the new crown epidemic

A few days ago, the Colombian government formulated a series of new epidemic prevention measures for reference and implementation across the country in response to the third wave of new crown epidemics that may occur after the country’s holiday.

These measures require that from 0:00 on the fifth to 0:00 on the 19th, sites can set curfew periods based on the occupancy rate of critical beds, and resume measures such as “travel at sunrise according to odd and even numbers corresponding to The decimal portion of the “ID number, hanging bars, dance halls, etc.” Places are open for business, and any festival activities are forbidden. It is recommended that relevant provincial administrations suspend approval of the organization of gathering activities in public places.

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