Switzerland launches its centenary celebrations of its diplomatic presence in Morocco

Switzerland launched, this Tuesday at the Royal Academy in Rabat, the centenary celebrations of its diplomatic presence in Morocco, an opportunity to review the key moments of bilateral relations and to provide an overview of the activities planned to celebrate this important achievement across the country. Year.

The advisor of the Kingdom Academy, Muhammad Al-Katani, indicated in a special letter that the beginning of the twenty-first century was marked by the strengthening of Moroccan-Swiss diplomatic relations with a partnership that continued to develop over the years. commercial, cultural and environmental levels. Holding this event, the first in a long series of conferences delivered by prominent scholars from both countries, comes within the framework of the desired goal of the Kingdom’s Academy by its founder, the late Hassan II. He made this institution a center for knowledge and knowledge, Kettani emphasized. It is also part of the strategic goals set by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to draw inspiration from pioneering experiences in the field of culture and development to advance science and culture in Morocco. A desire stipulated in Law No. 19.74, which stipulates the contribution of the Kingdom’s Academy to achieving the intellectual, scientific and cultural renaissance of the Kingdom, while fulfilling its role in introducing the various aspects of national identity and spreading universal values. Al Kettani added that dialogue between cultures and civilizations lies in its principles and principles.

The Permanent Secretary of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technologies, Omar Fassi Fihri, indicated that this anniversary is an opportunity to highlight the many beneficial aspects that were characterized by a century of excellent relations between the two countries. “What better way to celebrate this centenary than with a series of lectures given throughout the year by a group of eminent professors working in Switzerland on a particularly relevant topic, which is innovation,” he said. Thus the question will be the role of computers and artificial intelligence, and how the digital revolution helps in dealing with Covid-19, or the cooperation between the countries of the North and the countries of the South, especially through the Moroccan-Swiss experience. To ensure the two partners win, explained Mr. Fassi Fihri, stressing that this is a rich program that gives a place to science, innovation and culture.

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For his part, the Swiss Ambassador in Rabat, Guillaume Schurer, indicated that this anniversary should be celebrated, “not out of commitment but out of pleasure and pride”, as it provides a unique opportunity to present the beneficial aspects that the two offer. Countries have been able to benefit from these bilateral relations. This also makes it possible to lay the foundations for future cooperation and to plan together towards the next century, the Swiss diplomat said. “In cooperation with the Kingdom’s Academy and the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technologies, these custodians and promoters of knowledge in Morocco, we will highlight Swiss and Moroccan innovation through a cycle of seven conferences, organized under the theme “Innovation and Creativity Questions of the Present.” Shearer said that Switzerland, which is placed every year at the top of the ranking of the most innovative countries with a highly competitive economic sector, wants to offer attractive solutions to its Moroccan partners, while taking advantage of the Kingdom’s presence in Africa. .

For his part, Fouad Yazog, Ambassador and Director-General of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, said that these celebrations provide an opportunity to discuss ways of spending as quickly as possible in cooperation between the two countries. The relationship between Morocco and Switzerland is excellent thanks to the calm and the quality of listening between the two countries. He pointed out that this anniversary will be an opportunity to direct this relationship towards more diversity. In this regard, he noted that the two countries were characterized by their diversity and that it was understood that this could be the source of their strength. These words were followed by a historic conference that addressed the most important moments in the bilateral relations between the two countries. Swiss innovation was then highlighted in the presence of Roboclette and through the exhibition “Can Tech Save the World?” , which offers Swiss solutions to protect the environment.

This event marks the launch of activities planned for 2021 to celebrate this important anniversary. The program of activities consists in particular of a cycle of seven conferences in cooperation with the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Technology.

The inaugural conference, entitled “Artificial Intelligence, Myths and Realities”, will be given on June 24 by Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Rachid El Karaoui. Other activities with other partners should promote cultural, trade and artistic exchanges and help bring the two countries closer, while enhancing their strength. A week of Swiss films and documentaries is also planned in Rabat, Tangiers, Agadir and Casablanca on the topics of renewable energies, sustainable development and new technologies.

The play “Les Physiciens” by Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürnmatt will be shown and performed by a Moroccan troupe, while the Geneva University exhibition “Reserved Quarter: Busper” will be presented at the Villa des Arts in Casablanca. On November 19, 1921, Switzerland opened its first consulate in Morocco in Casablanca, a date that will remain a pivotal moment in the relations between the two countries.

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