Divine Plexus on Netflix, Baguio. “The penalty kick against Brazil cannot be canceled, but I will be back in action immediately.”

22 years of kicking the ball. One of the number one in world football, Roberto Baggio, It was said about Netflix in the movie Il Divin Codino (Available May 26). A business celebrating a brilliant, folded soccer play, loved by many fans of the teams who wore the shirt in his years in Serie A, often at odds with his coaches. But the entire Ballon d’Or career of Roberto Baggio can be summed up in a sporting gesture, for a few seconds, everything is connected to that penalty there, Italy in the final match with Brazil in the American World Cup in 1994, a wrong shot, a shattered dream that chased Baggio all his life and the story of Di The Divine Codeino.

“The penalty kick will never be archived, it was my dream in football and I cannot leave it aside, because I was the one who delivered the final kick. I lived it very badly because I chased it and dreamed of winning it for millions of nights, the reality is what I hadn’t thought of before.” It is wrong not to be erased. ” It’s the troubling fidelity of the hero, Roberto Baggio, who appeared at the rolling press conference in the black suit, this mixture of modesty and shyness, to remember that the penalty kick was hit high over the bar.

Di Baggio is known for his secrecy, which he would like to preserve by saying no to the Netflix project. His business manager, Vittorio Petroni, convinced him. “It’s thanks to him. I told him but whoever can take care of my life, I would never choose him, and when he spoke about it I felt ashamed. Then I drifted away and it was worth it, but Baggio said,” If it were for me, we wouldn’t be here. ” .

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The direction has been commissioned Letizia Lamartier, Based on the script by Stefano Sardo and Ludovica RampoldiWhile he was young Andrea Arcangley, the hardest role, the role of Roberto Baggio. “It’s a role that puts you in charge, you feel more than 100 kilograms heavier, you think no one can do Baggio, I was skeptical, and instead there was a lot of emotional involvement in the project and I drifted away -” said Arcangeli. It was physical, to be a footballer. , On the language to speak his dialect, we had to be at risk to give credence to his life, otherwise it would be a tradition. I put myself and stole something from Roberto, which he was essential. He himself gave up the responsibility of explaining it, he just said, live this experience “Live the opportunity. Baggio was the key to making me understand what I should benefit from from this experience.”

Baggio expresses his satisfaction with the technical result. “I think Andrea made this journey with great passion and I am grateful to them for doing such a wonderful job that I am happy. My wife and I have tried to give them as much support as possible, and tell them about our life in a simple way. If I don’t have to judge it, it feels very real to me. They are successful episodes, they were a part of my life. We also spent days together to get to know each other, several times we were also in the group and read them lines of text “Baggio said again, breaking his shyness, but always maintaining strictness in judgment of others, even Young players are very active on social networks. “I don’t know how to judge how boys live, I’d like to say something meaningless, I’d rather not judge.” Heirs? “Everyone has their qualities. There are excellent players who need confidence. As in life, I have been compared to others too.” But when it comes to football, Baggio makes no secret of his usual cravings. “I would do anything to get back into play, but my knee isn’t following me, so I give up on that urge.

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The film also tells of many difficulties, including the injuries Baggio had to endure and fight, as in Florence, where he stayed on the bench for two years. “My karma I have to fight every time I approach something I want, at first it was difficult, then Buddhism opened up the world to me, this is my life mission and I do it calmly. It’s hard. It was always like this, once To burden me, I will fight today. “

There is room for emotion. The Il Divin codino also tells about the complex relationship between Roberto Baggio and his father Florendo (who passed away while filming the movie) played by Andrea Benacci. “There is a lot of relationship with my father, who was at one time almost an enemy, a very strict man that was difficult to accept, but it was the basis that allowed me to never give up, and move forward towards we are so grateful to him.” Sometimes we don’t understand their anxiety, we become Enemies, then this knot melts, and hopefully this will happen to those who watch the movie as well. I know many people who have had difficult relationships with their parents and when they are gone … ”The former footballer moves on.

One curiosity, among many, is still legitimate. That braid Baggio still wears. “I was born as a joke, during the World Cup in America. In the hotel there was a black waitress with some very cute braids and I talked to her, she told me why you don’t do it. So I started making me braids and not to make my hair flap in my eyes I put the rubber band.” Deodato signed, wrote the lyrics and music, “The Man Behind the Hero”, the film’s lead song.

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