TikTok and Ticketmaster: The revolution in live entertainment

TikTok and Ticketmaster: The revolution in live entertainment
Music, Creativity, and Ticketmaster: TikTok is revolutionizing access to live events

After the remarkable success it achieved Trial versionwhich was launched amid great fanfare in the United States in 2022, TikTok and Ticketmaster are actively expanding this groundbreaking collaboration to over 20 new markets, including Italy. The creators of this innovative partnership wanted to bring music fans closer to their favorite artists, and now they are actively spreading this wave of change through A wide international panorama.

TikTok and Ticketmaster: The global expansion of the online ticketing revolution

The initiative, which was initially aimed at strengthening its presence in the United States, has now successfully made its debut in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Mexico, Austria, Belgium. The Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden. This global expansion represents an important step in bringing artists and their fans together around the worldcreating a unique bridge between expressed creativity Tik Tok And the exciting experience live events offer Ticket manager.

Starting from today, Certified artists In these countries they will have the opportunity to Take advantage of Ticketmaster’s ticketing feature directly on TikTok To promote their live dates and establish a unique connection with international fans. Simply add links to Ticketmaster events to their TikTok videos before publishing. On the other hand, music fans will be able to indulge in a convenient experience of finding and purchasing tickets directly on the TikTok platform, with just a few simple clicks.

Over 2.5 billion views: The success of the beta represents a victory for collaboration

This revolutionary partnership has opened the doors to not only ticket purchasing for established and emerging artists, but also Also for comedians and sports teams. Since the launch of the beta, videos posted by artists, sports teams, and event organizers who have adopted the feature have received more than 2.5 billion views.

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“This is an incredibly exciting time for the millions of music fans in the TikTok community,” said Michael Kummerle, Global Music Partnership Development Lead at TikTok. It highlights how this partnership is revolutionizing the dynamics of live events around the world, Offering artists a new way to reach their audiences.

“Today’s music lives on a global stage, and the demand for ‘live streaming’ has never been greater,” adds Michael Chua, vice president of global business development and strategic partnerships at Ticketmaster. Through this collaboration, TikTok and Ticketmaster provide artists the ability to connect their content to event discovery and ticket purchase in one app. Simplify the experience as much as possible For fans around the world.

From creating content to purchasing tickets, everything is now easier for fans

Starting today, profiles that meet the requirements can select Ticketmaster in ‘Add linkbefore posting a video, allowing them to easily search and add links to Ticketmaster events. Once the video is shared, TikTok users will see the “button” in the description.Get tickets“, which will direct them to purchase on Ticketmaster.

Ultimately, this extraordinary partnership between TikTok and Ticketmaster promises to not only expand access to live event tickets, but also fundamentally change the interaction between artists and fans. The future looks bright for this collaboration, and we look forward to seeing how it evolves over time, opening up new horizons and opportunities for both the artists and their passionate followers around the world.

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