USA, the main index for April rises 1.6%

(Teleborsa) – Acceleration US superindex index on US economic conditions. According to the United States Conference Board, the Leading Index (LEI) reached 113.3 points in April 1.6% increase Compared to the previous month. The number is higher than analysts’ expectations (+ 1.4%) and compares with a weaker figure in March (+ 1.3%).

Component that relates to the current situation It rose 0.3% to 104.1, while up Expectations Futures rose 1.8% to 104.7 points.

“With significant monthly gains in April, the leading indicator for the United States It has now fully recovered from the shrinkage From Covid-19, surpassing the previous peak of the index, reached at the start of the global pandemic in January 2020 – said Ataman Ozilderim, chief economic research director at The Conference Board – although employment and production have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels , In the US LEI indicates that the economy’s upward trend must continue Growth could accelerate in the short term“.

(Photo: Julien Gaud / Unsplash)

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