Barack and Michelle Obama produce TV series, New TV Movies, and Documentary Series on Netflix

The former US president’s and first lady’s production house High Ground has new projects in the works for the broadcast platform. These are entertainment products that never forget an important social and political background

Barack and Michelle Obama I’m still working on brand new projects NetflixAnd the As just mentioned variety. Inaugurated former president and first lady of the United States long ago Home of higher production land I am working with her again to develop new titles dedicated to Netflix. From new TV movies to series and documentaries, it will be Leisure products which, however, will not condone an important and relevant social and political background.

Looking forward to seeing Michelle herself in Waffle + mochi, The 10-episode preschool new original series that you see actively engaging on screen (available on Netflix as of March 16th), here are the projects Obama will soon produce for the streaming platform.

I’m progetti di Barack e Michelle Obama per Netflix: Firekeer’s Daughter


Barack Obama, the former president’s favorite songs of 2020

After projects already announced in 2019, Barack and Michelle Obama have planned new content that will be realized with Netflix.

The first is Film that would adapt to the first literary work of Angeline Polley, the daughter of Fireker, A young adult novel that tells the story of an 18-year-old Native American girl who is forced to work undercover to the police on the Ojibwe reserve where she lives.
The mod will be written and edited by Mickey Fisher (writer FictionalAnd the Existing H Mars) With screenwriter Winona Wilms.

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La docu-serie National Parks


Become Michelle Obama, be a superwoman with style

The other project is entitled to the pipeline Wonderful national parks It is a documentary series in which the ultimate hero is nature, in fact: the vital importance of national parks and their intact and unexplored greenery, a green that must be protected at all costs as synonymous with oxygen and thus with life.

Concern for the environment has always been a topic very dear to the former President of the United States of America and his wife, Michelle, which is why Wonderful national parks It will definitely be a nice and interesting product. This does not mean that others are not, as the following project clarifies the quotation of Mohsen Hamid’s novel, West exit.

He filmed TV Exit West


Oscar 2020, Best Obama Family Documentary Film

In progress There as well West exit With protagonist Riz Ahmed (a night), The TV movie he will edit A novel with the same name by Mohsen Hamid.

This TV project will say original love story He was born in the middle of migration due to supernatural and inexplicable phenomena. A romantic story that certainly has an unprecedented and atypical background, far from the vulgar and retired scenario of the usual comedy from the disciples to the heart.

A movie about the first man to climb Everest


To become: on Netflix the documentary about Michelle Obama

Among the titles in production there is also Tenzing, The movie that will tell the story of Tenzing Norgay. This is the The first man to climb Mount EverestReaching the summit for the first time in history. Finally there will be a file A science fiction tale Narrated in the movie Satellites (Directed by Ola Shokunbi, produced by Kiri Hart and Stephen Feder for Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman’s T Street) that will satisfy the greedy tastes of science fiction and twists, and an all-female story telling of a woman who always feels out of context. This last movie will be titled Young wife, Directed by Taiarisha Boo and Sirocco tells the story of Celestina, a twenty-nine-year-old who was arrested on her first wedding day.

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We couldn’t be more proud of the team of artists working on all of these stories, each of which is important to tellBarack and Michelle Obama announced.

Most recently, the two former White House residents are closely tied to the screen: He was a guest last Sunday at what’s the weather like, Played by actress Viola Davis in the first lady On Showtime, the Obama family is increasingly framed by screen, be it TV or the movie. And with their high ground, they also directly participate in the pre-production level, providing us with very interesting and commendable projects every time from every point of view.

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