Harry Styles defended his mom after he was criticized for wearing dresses


Mom Anne says the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ hitmaker has always loved fancy dresses since he was a kid when he was defending himself after criticisms about his sex-defying outfits.

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Harry StilesMom Anne responded to critics of Vogue cover photos that challenge her son’s gender.

Harry made history last week (end of November 15, 20) by being the first male to have a solo cap for Vogue – but his decision to embrace his feminine side by wearing dresses for some shots drew criticism from right-wing American commentators Candice Owens And the Ben Shapiro And their followers.

On a TV show in the UKLaurenOn Tuesday, Anne jumped in to defend her son – explaining that she had always encouraged him to play ‘disguises’.

“I think maybe I had something to do because I’ve always been a big fan of wearing fancy clothes with them when they were smaller, which is what (Harry’s sister) Gemma always hated but Harry always embraced it,” she said. “But who doesn’t like to play with clothes?”

The mother of the pop star, who has been raising money for the UK Parkinson charity, has continued to say that she hopes to see Harry this Christmas, the Covid-19 restrictions allow.

“Who knows what will happen but I keep my fingers crossed,” she added. “Christmas would be very different if I couldn’t see them. They are both vegan now, so I’m the only one eating turkey!”

Harry’s sense of style has waned better between the sexes elsewhere, as presidents placed it on the online fashion shopping platform Lyst at the top of their 2020 Power Dressers list after analyzing search results, views, and sales from their customers.

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“Watermelon Sugar” beatmaker beat Beyonc√© for second place with rapper BTS RM In third place.

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