Big Mouth Season 4 review: Anxiety bug strikes

Nick and Tito have a big mouth. Pic credit: Netflix

Big Mouth returned Friday, December 3 for its fourth season and introduced a new monster for kids to face.

For the first few seasons, it was all about hormonal beasts, taking these kids through the horrors and excitement of puberty. However, in Big Mouth Season 4, things are bad for kids – especially Nick and Andrew.

This introduces a whole new horror for kids to face.


Big Mouth Review Season 4

The fourth season opened Big Mouth as last season ended, as Nick and Andrew are no longer friends after they dated Nick Messi, knowing that Andrew was in love with her.

Then the two end up camping together and that’s where the new monsters appeared.

For Nick, he was usually popular at camp and had a special best friend there in Seth Goldberg (Seth Rogen), the “camp version of Andrew.”

The bad thing is that Seth and Andrew hit her cool, and when Nick gets angry, they turn on him and become new best friends.

Nick then meets Tito the Anxiety Mosquito, which makes him afraid to do anything. He ends up experiencing panic attacks and this causes the other children in the camp to bully him even more.

Meanwhile, Andrew is getting more and more revenge, trying to humiliate Nick every step of the way. Sadly, this resulted in Andrew not stopping a bowel movement for several months and ended up with his monster blocking his butt, which is part of his rising anger inside.

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Jesse is also in camp and has her first major period and has to learn how to use tampons, which are all expressed by different actors. She also has to deal with a former bully who has emerged as a transgender since the last camp and who is having trouble coping with him.

Just when it seems like they have taken control, they return to school to start eighth grade, and that’s when Tito the Anxiety Mosquito returns for revenge.

Fortunately, help is coming in the form of Gratitoad (Zach Galifianakis).

It should also be noted that Ayo Edbury replaced Jenny Slate as Messi. Not only was it passing the torch until the black actress could portray a black character, but it was done in the story as well.

Missy goes to visit her father’s family and learns that her parents are really fools and raised her to be more like her white mother than her father’s relatives. When she meets her cousins, her hormone Monster Monster (Thandy Newton) pushes her to explore her legacy, which puts her outside with her wonderful and fit parents.

The season, as expected from Big Mouth, is as raunchy and tacky as ever. However, fans know they expect it, and that’s part of his charm. There are still color scary jokes, but through all the disgusting and impure moments this show still has an important story to tell.

These are real problems that real children face and this is a show that has no qualms about showing them in the most outrageous way. This is a good thing.

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Puberty is not beautiful, and anxiety is worse. This show knows it and pulls no punches to show what young teens are going through when they have no idea what their bodies and minds are trying to tell them.

Big Mouth Season 4 Finale

It’s easy to recommend season Big Mouth 4 to anyone who loved the first three seasons.

The show continues to push boundaries and attack new issues this season, proving why it is one of TV’s smartest, even though it is also one of the fiercest.

Anxiety bugs, the Gratitoad, and more hormone monsters help lead these kids through their toughest childhood years in cool ways.

Adding a transgender story and then moving on to the problems young girls face when trying to find themselves allows the new season of Big Mouth to approach more than just boys’ hormones and keep it fresh.

It was also a powerful storyline showing Messi exploring her legacy, especially regarding the change in the voice actors for the role. Messi has come a long way this season, but that is something all kids can say as they try to get past middle school.

Big Mouth Season 4 is more than what fans expected, and if you like the first three seasons, you should love everything about this new season as well. It keeps raising the stakes and putting these kids in Hell – and fans won’t want it any other way.

Here we hope for more monsters in the future, and torment the lives of these children.

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Big Mouth Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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