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There is no doubt that social networks are closer to friends, family and acquaintances; However, nothing lasts forever. Have you ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook account or when will you die

Well, in the case of the second app mentioned, you don’t have to worry about keeping the account active. Since it is an instant communication app, Meta has thought about cleaning up inactive accounts.

What happens to my WhatsApp account if I die?

If we change your mobile device suddenly, it is normal that there is no process to delete the previous account or unlink the phone number that was used before.

This is because WhatsApp has a very efficient data exchange system. Basically, our data can be saved in the cloud for a backup in case the mobile phone is lost.

If you die, you don’t have to worry. Usually, the account enters inactive state and after 120 days the data will be deleted when the phone number is unlinked.

Why does this happen? Well, operators reuse phone numbers in month 6 of inactivity. This way, it usually happens that if you call your old number, maybe someone already owns the line.

Just remember not to touch the mobile phone or enter the WhatsApp account of the deceased person. In addition to informing the operator that the line has been cancelled.

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