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.’s app It is inevitable in all the mobiles of the world, therefore, the new WhatsApp update leading to the Plus version is now available, and although many users are looking for the APK file, here we will show you how you can download the app without running the risk of downloading viruses.

2022 version of Whatsapp plus They are not in the Play Store or the App Store, so here you will find how and where to download 19.00.00 of the APK.

Whastapp Plus: How and where can I download the app?

There are up to 3 safe places where you can download the new version of WhatsApp Plus, without the risk of getting infected with viruses, namely: Softmany, Unlimited APK and AndroidForeverwhich are trustworthy sites.

These mentioned pages do not offer direct download, so you will avoid being redirected to popular URLs that are often accompanied by viruses.

It is worth noting that if you want to get the WhatsApp Plus application, you must delete the main WhatsApp application so that it can be downloaded without errors.

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