There is malware, Galaxy Store has become a hotbed of potentially dangerous Android apps

KONTAN.CO.ID – There is MalwareThe Galaxy Store has become a hotbed of potentially dangerous Android apps. It is possible that an app that provides pirated movies called Showbox is dangerous which will trigger the Play Protect alert.

Although Google Play has become a program Responsible for Loading Android apps, many manufacturers smart phone It offers its own app store. One of them is Samsung through the Galaxy Store which offers many exclusive apps for many other options available.

However, in the download or download Loading Android apps, security is the most important factor. Of course you don’t want it, do you? Loading Harmful application? Moreover, few unofficial Android apps circulating in the App Store are not known to be nests Malware.

As it happened recently, an app that provides pirated movies called Showbox was found in the Galaxy Store app store. according to AndroidThe application is potentially dangerous and may be able to infect the user’s device with Malware.

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Max Weinbach of Android Police first encountered this problem when he looked at some Showbox apps distributed through the Galaxy Store. Once installed, some of them trigger Google Play Protect warnings.

Warning text:

This app may be harmful


Even if you have heard of this app or the app developer, it is still dangerous to install an app from an untrusted source.”

The warning indicates that an app installed via the Galaxy Store is potentially dangerous. Especially if you keep installing it.

Based on analysis at Virustotal, this Showbox app displays dozens of low-level warnings from security vendors. starting from Dangerous software” Even adware. The app also requests more permissions than expected, including access to contacts, call logs, and phone.

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Android Linuxct Security Analyzer added that the app can be downloaded Malware keh smart phone user.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Store does not keep track of the number of users who have installed the app. However, some user reviews reveal that warnings appear Malware When you install this Showbox app.

Related parties have also contacted Samsung to ask if they are aware that the Galaxy Store may be distributing Malware And how can an app that provides pirated movies appear a program the.

For security reasons, be sure to install apps from trusted sources on the Google Play Store.

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