5 Very Simple Android Apps You Should Try

5 Aplicaciones Android extremadamente sencillas que deberías probar

You are looking for Applications Useful to install on your device? We were around google apps To give you a list 5 Android Apps Really useful and simple. They are little-known apps that offer ingenious solutions to certain problems. It also improves the experience of some sections of the system or offers you a simpler and easier-to-use alternative. If you have android phone You should have a look at this apps!

Simple and very useful applications that you will need now

It’s likely that after you look at this Applications You see the need to download them. They look very clean, take up very little space and almost all of them are Free. It’s available on Google Play and in most cases it won’t cost you anything to try, since 4 of the 5 apps are free. And paid may be the most useful!

Flex to Reddit

If you are a consumer of reddit It is very likely that you will want to try this app. It is located around a Unofficial reddit client Allows you to get a file Personalization amazing. Everything can be tweaked to get an interface just to your liking.

Flex for Reddit – google apps

It is one of the simplest and most complete Reddit customers Free that you will find for Android. If you are using this medium to check news, check out curiosities or follow topics, this is a great app.

simple keyboard

The name itself actually refers to everything the app has to offer. simple keyboard it’s a keyboard for android It takes everything to the utmost simplicity. It offers design Material Design It is similar to Google itself.

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simple keyboard- google apps

The good news is that Just good for writingNo more features, endless tweaking or extreme customization. It is one of the simplest and most beautiful keyboards that you can download.

share widget

Maybe you’ve always wanted to have an app like this and didn’t even know it existed. Widgetshare allows you to put a file Widget on your home screen and sync with someone else’s screen. In it, you can view the photo albums you select and both people can see the same thing on their cell phones.

share widget – google apps

It’s kind of common photo frame You can sync it with your family, friends or partner to be able to keep identical memories in your day.

Brick’s: Brick Wallpaper

This app is from Backgrounds It’s genius, free, and simple. will allow you Create wallpapers from LEGO pieces, pixels or dots in a very easy way. You can create random wallpapers, with patterns or with them Pictures.

Breaky’s – google apps

You can send a picture of your dog to Puzzle Games And download it in HD as wallpaper. It’s an app that you might not have been looking for but would like to have on your device.

Resize photos

Resize Images is the only paid app in the entire list. It only costs 1.49 EUR / USD And it’s really useful if you don’t have a computer or don’t know how to use editing software. It’s an app Resize photos Not what you want.

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Image resizing – google apps

Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a great choice if you need it often Resize multiple photos. It allows you to do this by bundles of several images and the results are very good. It’s an app worth buying if you usually manage many photos from your mobile and you need them Change its size, accuracy and shape.

If you have space in your storage And for a while we recommend that you download it Very simple android apps Above all, very useful. Of course they are Valid for any Android smartphone.

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