They raise suspicions of a celebrity-sponsored cryptocurrency: a new pyramid scheme?

They raise suspicions of a celebrity-sponsored cryptocurrency: a new pyramid scheme?

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In the warning photographs, they appear from Marcello Tinelli, to his two daughters, Michaela Tinelli and Candelaria Tinelli. Other celebrities have also been found: such as the case of a prominent figure such as Susanna Jimenez and other celebrities who have participated in many of the events organized by Business. This is the case of Marcelo Pollino, Jimena Baron, Mica Viconte, Zira Nara, Jose Maria Listorte and L-Ganti, among others.


According to a July investigation by Profile, “Vayo Business is a public limited company created in November 2011 and its shareholders are Ana Maria Lavitola (who owns 95%) and Matías Ezequiel Mancilla (who owns 5%). Both state their domicile in Comodoro Rivadavia And just by searching on Google for the name of the majority partner, a first alert was ignited: The woman’s son, Leandro Usín, was first sentenced by Buenos Aires Justice to three years in prison for 15 fraud and in 2018 launched an investigation into Chubut Justice described by the media. Local media reported the “Grand Gaiman scam”.

As far as is known, Vayo is being targeted by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) because the company is not registered with the National Securities Commission, which is a major requirement for this type of operation. Pablo Flores, the legal representative of the company, stated that this is explained by the fact that the company is in fact a store. “Vayo Business is in a holding company, it’s not just Vayo Business SA that’s why the National Securities Commission. There are other companies that regulate the part of the CNA. Basically what Vayo Business does is marketing electronic products to all the other parties,” Flores said at Forbes Argentina recently: There are other companies involved.”

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As reported by Muth, in AFIP, the company is registered under the Home Appliance Sales Corporation Purpose. In the central bank he has debts of 8 thousand pesos in a limited company.

For professionals, these promotions are a new type of scam because “anyone working in crypto knows that there is no particular profit horizon due to the volatility with which these types of operations are handled.”

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