Were mustaches the key to the movie’s success?

star Wars Independent films made a tumultuous start with their huge success Rogue One: The Star Wars Story.

This movie narrated the story of how the Rebel Alliance got its hands on the Death Star’s plans, enabling the ragtag to achieve an unlikely victory over the Empire.

Empire responded later of course, but fans liked how Rogue One Filled on the main piece of dramatic drama New hope (Or just old star WarsAccording to one of the Internet’s corners, there might be another key to the movie’s success: facial hair

How well does Rog One perform?

Diego Luna | Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for Disney

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced that it would be making independent films unrelated to the long-running Skywalker saga, there were some doubts in the air.

Sure, one (or more) new movies every year have been very good for Marvel, but the same can be said about the star WarsOne of the most legendary perks ever?

The answer, at least in the beginning, was yes. In terms of worldwide box office gross unadjusted for inflation, Rouge One is the fourth most successful Star Wars movie.

With over a billion dollars in mind, it is falling behind Force awakens, last Jedi And Heavenly Rise. The only other Star Wars movie that grossed a billion raw dollars at the box office is, believe it or not, Imaginary risk.

Critics have been largely in favor, too. It scored 84 percent Rotten tomatoes, Where the critical consensus reads, “Rogue One Paints deeply star Wars The myths as they break new narrative and aesthetic ground – and propose a bright future for the franchise. “

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How about mustaches?

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One of the reasons for the movie’s great success may be that it is a blast from the past. Besides overlapping with the original Star Wars story, the movie also reverts to the look of the 1977 original, not just with its photography sets. He’s with mustaches, too.

Reddit comments rounded, site ribbed Details of how the mustaches ended up everywhere Rogue One. One Reddit user said, “This is something I’m really excited about Rogue One Is that they have preserved a kind of futuristic retro aesthetic of the classic trilogy, horrible ’70s mustache hairstyles and everything. ”The Polygon writer tweeted,“ Well, for Rogue One, we need to evoke the original Star Wars. Get me … your 1970s facial hair. “

The article goes on to state that the ’70s look was a very conscious decision, with director Gareth Edwards telling the extras that their facial hair would grow out. And all this for the sake of a starring movie, as Jane Erso, as played by Felicity Jones.

What will the new Star Wars movies be?

distance Rogue OneSigns of another’s success single, But this was the rare Star Wars movie that failed to communicate with audiences, grossing only $ 393 million worldwide, and after that, other planned Star Wars stories were canceled. However, with the Skywalker story now complete, Star Wars had nothing but outside stories.

There are upcoming movies in the pipeline, but it’s not certain if this is it Kevin Figi Project, The The Taika Waititi Project, The Ryan Johnson trilogy or something else entirely. On the TV front, there is supposed to be Obi-Wan Kenobi and a series with it Rogue One Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), but both faced delays even before the pandemic.

Oh, okay. At least there’s more Baby Yoda to come Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

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