DanMachi and No Game, No Life will be excluded from the Netflix catalog

Two great souls based on a light novel will be coming out of the US Netflix catalog. We are talking about DanMachi – Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon No Game, No LifeBoth series are very popular with the public.

As stated in the tweets @_komi03The anime will permanently leave the US Netflix catalog running Jan 31 2022. The DanMachi season 4 trailer was recently revealed, which has us thinking that seasons of the animated series will continue to be shown on Netflix. Instead, the The first and only season is available, perhaps because the American broadcast giant did not appreciate the number of plays DanMachi made.

No game, no life will also suffer the same treatment. The comedy starring the brothers Sora i Shiro, his companions in video games as well as in real life, has only seen the good news in the last period. He resumed publishing The No Game manga, No Life in the magazine last November 27, and it appeared that there were all conditions for a license renewal on Netflix USA.

In short, not really good news for my anime title Based on light novels. However, we invite all US Netflix account users to see the two souls, before they are permanently removed on January 31, 2022.

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