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The Antarctic expedition made a 50-day cruise across the Southern Ocean and beyond the frozen desert. Aboard the New Zealand research vessel RV Tangaroa, an international team has used the latest technology to survey the sea floor. The Aegis imaging system allowed scientists to capture dazzling images of an unknown world.

While the mission was still underway, “Secrets of Antarctica” was released on YouTube documenting their journey.

The narrator said: “The winds and currents keep this part of the Ross Sea free from ice in the summer, so flight captain John Mitchell can breathe easily.

While the sea remains calm and free of ice, the team prepares to plunge into an alien world.

For the first time, these scientists will be able to see what’s underneath thanks to the deep imaging system they call Aegis, specially designed for this type of deep-sea exploration.

“HD video cameras and stills will work like the eyes of the team in this high-pressure, low-light environment.

“Nobody had actually field tested the unit in such icy conditions before, but it is too late to think about that now.”

The series continued to follow scientists as they lowered the technology below the surface for the first time.

“Like an explorer sent to an alien scientist, the imaging system begins its mission of finding facts and scientists hold their breath,” she added.

“Nobody really knows what’s here.

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“Giving the team its first tantalizing picture of Arctic marine life at perpetual night.

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There are a lot of things parts here about that.

“Now they have seen the critters in the video and they want to get their hands on it and that is why they need nets.”

The curls brought back a variety of strange creatures, leaving the team amazed.

The series continued: “The Antarctic fish is one of the giants of the marine ecosystem and is harvested by the thousands.

“If it disappears from the ocean, more than just dinner is at stake, it could mean an ecosystem on the verge of collapse.

“This tells the crew that everything is below.

“ Sponges, among the most primitive marine animals, do not have a nervous or digestive system, feeding by filtering water through their pores.

The net also brought in a strange sample of silica woven into her body.

“The snail is also poorly understood, and it may have found a new species.”

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