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Earth is swallowing me up! Stumbling while walking is something that can happen to anyone, but chances are the embarrassing moment to ‘immortalize’ It’s so rare that when it occurs, it becomes a trend. This was the case for a student in Unfortunately for him, the internet giant’s service car, which is recording the streets of the world with its cameras, was present to film the scene of its downfall.

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The strange event happened in Santa Catarina, in Nuevo León, as the student was leaving her home. At first everything seemed to pass normally, he was even seen raising his hand as if greeting someone; However, After taking a few steps down a steep slope, he stumbles and suffers a spectacular fall in view of his friends, neighbors and a car. .

Although the photos of the shameful episode in which the girl had to live were taken in 2009It was recently re-conducted After existence On the account , Which specializes in collecting these kinds of unusual scenes captured in To date, she has more than 1.3 million followers, according to the portal .

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It should be noted that This isn’t the first or last time the car’s cameras have been They are in the right place and time to photograph all kinds of situations, Because it works until, for example, As it happened a few years ago in Peru, when visiting the home of a famous person like a house Or just see how they are themselves .

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