Slack messaging is experiencing a global outage

Slack Professional messaging is the victim, on Monday, January 4th, from A. ” Separation ” It affects all its services. For most of the app users, it is no longer possible to log into Slack or send messages: the page dedicated to the service’s operational status indicates that all features have been affected. at A message to their customers And users, San Francisco-based Slack teams explain that an investigation into the origin of the outage is still underway, around 6 pm (Paris time).

While the company was already experiencing strong growth before the pandemic spread due to SARS-CoV-2, the health situation in 2020 greatly affected its use around the world, with many companies increasing their use of remote work. At the end of March 2020, as several countries took containment measures, the company registered More than twelve million users are connected simultaneously. Slack was subsequently purchased by American Salesforce in December 2020, At $ 27.7 billion.

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