Video doorbell calling due to fire concerns

Ring, the smart home brand from Amazon, has issued a recall of approximately 350,000 2nd generation video doorbells sold in the US due to fires and burn concerns. according to Notice published by the US Consumer Product Safety CommissionRing 23 received reports of doorbells igniting and causing minor property damage, and eight reports of minor burns. Ring site He says affected doorbells don’t need to be brought back, but users should follow Updated instructions.

although Ring says There is no risk if the doorbell is installed correctly, the CPSC notes that the device can overheat if the wrong screws are used. Ring says it has received 85 reports of people using incorrect screws that can damage the doorbell’s battery. The hoop put out of scope An updated set of instructions For video doorbell, which specifically warns users not to use any screws other than “smart security screws” to secure the video doorbell to the holder.

Ring Guide highlights the risk of using the wrong screws during installation.
picture: ring

Ringing: “Customers do not need to return their devices” Tell CNET In a statement, “We have continued to work cooperatively with CPSC on this issue and have contacted customers who have purchased Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) to ensure they have the updated user manual and follow the device installation instructions.”

The affected specific doorbells are the 2nd generation video doorbells that sold this year between June and October for about $ 100 with model number 5UM5E5. You can enter the serial number for your device On the Ring website To see if your doorbell is affected. Although Ring doesn’t explicitly say so, owners who have already installed second-generation doorbells incorrectly must use the wrong screws Contact customer support. We’ve contacted Ring for clarification, and will update this piece if we get a response.

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