Video conferencing from the office window? “It’s not just glass. It’s transparent OLED.”

An LG monitor model conducts a “clear smart window” video conference with a transparent OLED app on the window outside the office. It can be used for meetings, presentations, entertainment, etc. while looking at the outside view. Presented by LG Display

In the near future, clear glass-like displays may replace actual glass windows. This is because the display technology you only see in science fiction movies, where a computer screen appears when you touch a window, has become a reality.

LG Display announced on the 3rd of this month that it will unveil this innovative technology at CES 2022, the world’s largest information technology and electronics (IT) exhibition taking place from the 5th.

First of all, various futuristic visions are presented using transparent and flexible (bending) organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which attract attention like next-generation displays. Transparent OLED literally refers to a transparent panel like glass. It’s a new concept OLED that can produce image quality that’s crisp and clear enough to replace current glass by maximizing transparency while maintaining the advantages of existing light-emitting OLEDs on their own.

In particular, the company explains that transparent OLED is thin and light and has countless uses in transportation and construction. LG Display was the first in the world to make a transparent OLED display.

4 transparent OLED sheets can be sticked up, down, left and right (55″), and can be installed horizontally indefinitely. For example, if a product display stand is attached to a transparent OLED screen, different information about the product can be displayed on the OLED screen while the product is displayed. In the same way, it becomes possible to replace subway windows with transparent OLEDs. Travelers can check road maps and local information while enjoying the scenery outside.

LG Display employees are testing the “Virtual Ride” product concept, which combines a large OLED screen and exercise equipment.

If the corporate office window is replaced with an OLED (transparent smart window), meeting materials can be viewed on a nearby window or a video conference can be held without going to a separate conference room for the meeting.

LG Display also introduced a “Virtual Ride” feature, which combines a large OLED screen with exercise equipment. By connecting three large OLED screens vertically to create an “L” shaped screen, you can experience a vivid experience as if you were walking outdoors.

In addition, “OLED.EX” will also be presented, which has improved image quality more than current OLEDs by applying advanced technology. The name has the meaning of providing an advanced customer experience.

Dong Wook Kim Reporter

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