Unwanted “trophy” video: Mercia Losescu considers “public disappointment” – news according to sources

Mircea Losescu is considered a “public disappointment” by the president of Shakhtar Donetsk, Sergey Balkin, who stated this in an interview published on the Shakhtar Donetsk TV channel.

In an interview published on the TV channel of Shakhtar Donetsk club, the president of the Ukrainian group, Sergey Balkin, stated, among other things, that 2020 is the year that he is disappointed with Mercia Losescu, according to football.ua reports.

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“It has been a year of disappointments in human relations as well. Sergey Balkin said I am referring particularly to Losescu, to his decision to train our main competitor.”

In the summer, Mircea Losescu accepted the offer to train Dynamo Kiev, the traditional opponent of miners from Donetsk.

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At that time, the decision was contested by the fans of the two teams, even the Shathour fans abandoned the unveiling of a bust that praised the Romanian coach, located near the stadium.

In the interview, Balkin refers to disappointments in 2020, including the death of former football player Sergei Atelkin, as well as problems caused by the Corona virus epidemic.

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In the context of these disappointments, Balkin also mentioned those caused by Mircea Losescu’s decision to coach Shakhtar’s opponent for life, after achieving historic results at the helm of Donetsk club.

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