Nigeria joins the United Kingdom and South Africa; He discovers a new strain of Covid-19

Nairobi.- New variant of Corona Virus Arrive Nigeria, I mentioned the highest health official on Africa On Thursday though he warned that further investigation of the matter was needed.

The news is sure to cause more unrest around the pandemic, after discovering new variants as well United kingdom And in South Africa In response, severe restrictions were put in place on travel and social interactions around Christmas.

“It is different from what they discovered in it United kingdom And in South AfricaSaid John Nkengasung, Director of the African Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

In a briefing with journalists, he confirmed that health authorities in Nigeria The African Center for Infectious Diseases Studies will analyze more samples.

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Nkengasung noted that the discovery of the new variant depends on two or three gene sequences. Along with an advertisement South Africa Last week, they called an emergency meeting of the African Health Center this week.

Swing in NigeriaThe presence of two patients, the most populous country in Africa, was detected between August 3 and November 9 in Osen County, according to a study examined by the Associated Press.

In contrast to the variant seen in the UK, “we have not seen such a rapid infection in Nigeria There is no evidence that the P681H variant contributes to increased infection in Nigeria. However, the relative difference in the studies Nigeria Versus these United kingdom That could explain the decreased ability to detect such changes, the study says.

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