UDMR, Letters on the Occasion of the 29th Congress of FIDESZ. Kleiman: Orban and his government have embarked on a bold paradigm shift

“Victor Orbán strengthened the identity of the Hungarian community in the Carpathian Basin. Tankzos Barna wrote on Facebook that the future to which the Hungarian nation is heading is united, without division, and helps every Hungarian to live as best as possible in his homeland.

According to the Provisional Minister of the Environment, “Hungary, under the leadership of FIDESZ, which he leads, not only helps Hungarians outside Hungary’s borders, but also strives to build historic partnerships with all neighboring countries. During the pandemic, the assistance provided by Hungary, led by FIDESZ, appeared again. This is The direction that Viktor Orban is showing us and that it should guide all galactic societies around the world.”

The interim Minister of the Environment wished Victor Orban success.

“Orbán and his government began a brave, progressive and responsible paradigm shift in national politics more than 10 years ago. As a result of this fact, the Hungarian community in Transylvania has found itself,” states UDM leader Clement Honore.

The CDU leader also said that he spoke at the FIDESZ conference about the support Hungarian society has received and the importance of protecting traditions. “We are all in this fight. We are convinced that we represent a good and correct position, but in order to do so we will need perseverance, strength and allies,” Clément Honore also wrote.

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