TV programs tonight, Wednesday, January 6, 2021. on Rai2 on TV 1, “Show Dogs – Let’s go the scene” voiced by Cristiano Malgoglio, Valeria Marini and Barbara Dorso

Show Dogs – Let’s get into the scene

Also this year, he will be back with Soliti Ignoti – Special Lottery Italy in the early evening, the episode of the show hosted by Amadeus, along with Lottery Italy where the prize winning tickets for the first category of the final raffle will be revealed. To 5 million euros. Many of the guests arriving at Teatro delle Vittorie who will take part in the evening include Elena Sofia Ricci, Valeria Fabrizi, Serena Rossi, Biagio Izzo, Alberto Matano and Laura Chiatti. There will be someone who will play the game and try his hand in the investigation until the final match of the “mysterious relative”, where he will donate the prize money to the Spallanzani Institute in the event of victory. There are also many moments of shows and entertainment to celebrate, as usual, Super Millionaire Befana.

Movie By Raja Gosnell in 2018, with Will Arnett and Natasha Lyonne. Made in the USA. Duration: 92 minutes. Plot: Max is a handsome Rottweiler dog who works for the FBI as an agent, alongside his partner and human owner Frank. Together, they must investigate the baby panda’s kidnapping by a gang of illegal animal dealers. Suddenly, an investigation developed and the two discovered that the puppy would be sold at a prestigious dog fair. But how do you get it back? Max will be forced to participate in the secret contest and thus save the situation. With Frank’s help, Max will also discover his true “Show Dog” spirit and learn that trusting in helping others can be more rewarding than working alone. Animal sounds have been dubbed into Italian by Giampaolo Morelli, Cristiano Malgoglio, Valeria Marini, Nino Frasica, Barbara Dorso, Alli and Franz, Marco Pucci, Claudio Amendola.

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Series De Tom Shankland Dale 2018, Kuhn Dominic West, David Oilo, Lily Collins, Josh O’Connor, Olivia Coleman, Derek Jacoby. Prodotta in GB. Duration: 120 minutes. Plot: In 1815, after the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, France was on its knees. Jean Valjian is finally released after spending 19 years of hard labor in Toulon for stealing a loaf of bread. But once he is liberated again, his suffering is not over, because man must constantly face the distaste and distrust of the people he encounters. It’s hard for him to turn the page and make a new life. But an encounter with a particularly loving and generous bishop puts him in crisis by opening a hole in his heart hardened by hatred.

Channel 59.45 pm: Caputo Brothers – ^ 1 ^ TV

Fiction By Alessio Entori in 2019, with Nino Frasica, Cesar Pucci. Made in italy. Duration: 98 minutes. Plot: The confiscation of Agata’s lands for Nino and his brother loses its meaning in the face of the arrival of Franca, Alberto’s mother. Agata’s tunes instantly become incandescent, but in this volcanic climate, Barbara and Simon continues their study sessions and is convinced by his uncle Nino Andrea to share in a singing talent. There was always an open war between the Caputo ladies until Agata revealed that – many years before – Calogero had asked her to return to Sicily and that she had turned him down. This painful truth for both Alberto and Nino, victims of their mothers’ lies, brings the two brothers closer. But during the presentation by Nino and the little Giacomo, to everyone’s surprise, Agata arrives and forces her opponent to end their skirmishes. The next day, Franca left the farm and was pardoned by Alberto. Nino also has a spell with his mom.

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Italy 1, Ore 21.20: Now You See Me 2 – I maghi del crimine

Movie By John M. Shaw in 2016, with Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Michael Kane. Made in the USA. Duration: 115 minutes. Plot: After a year of deceiving the FBI and winning public support with their magical shows of Robin Hood, the Four Musketeers return with a new performance, hoping to expose the tech man’s unethical practices. The man behind their return is Walter Mapry, the technological miracle that threatens the lives and reputation of knights in the eyes of the world. Their only hope is to put in an unprecedented stunned performance clearing their names and exposing the mastermind behind the plot.

Rete49.30 pm: Special Tonight Italy

At the end of the regular daily schedule, the program sponsored and directed by Veronica Gentili continues throughout the first evening to deal with major ongoing political and social events.

The7, 9.15 pm: Atlantis – An exact copy of the original

In the Historical and Cultural Study program, Andrea Purgatory tells of events and characters with exclusive documentaries and testimonies. Churchill, the Man of Destiny: Churchill was a conservative, an imperialist, even for some he was a racist. In the UK’s darkest hour, he was the one making the toughest decisions.

TV8, 9.30 pm: Piacere Maisano – An exact copy of the original

Insects – the new feeding frontier: What we eat also impacts the environment. Marco Maisano will discover with Gianfranco Vissani that the solution could be to eat insects.

new, RAW 21.25: Dirty Dancing

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Movie Written by Emile Ardolino in 1987 with Patrick Swayze, Cynthia Rhodes, Jennifer Gray and Jerry Auerbach. Made in the USA. Duration: 97 minutes. Plot: For a quiet vacation, the Housemans (father, mother and two daughters) head to the fun spots on the East Coast. Here, sixteen-year-old Baby Houseman is a little bored, and as hotel guests indulge in dances, one evening, in the servant’s suite, she discovers their wild dances.

Mediaset PlayAnd the Smart tv: Giortì

Little Camilla is 5 years old and her fashion and fitness addict mom Vanessa is organizing an adorable party for her. Camilla’s family was formed after an extramarital affair. The ceremony will be held at Al-Saboudia Beach. In meeting her, Gemma Galgani will be able to dissolve the inflexible father Enzo while Julia de Lillis will instantly recognize the shy Camilla (Click here to watch the episode immediately).

Other networks …

209.10 pm: Speed ​​2 – Unlimited – Movie

Ray 4, Ore 21.20: Vikings – TV series – 1 ^ Free TV

Ray 59.15 pm: Concert in Berlin with Petrenko and Damrau – Music

irisRAW 21.10: Midnight in Paris – Movie

RaiMovie9.10 pm: Sisi – the fate of the empress – Movie

Ray Premium9.20 pm: Luisa Sanfelice – Series

sky, 9.10 pm: Earthquake 10.0 TV movie

Realitytime9.20 pm: Tired of cleanliness Docu-Reality

La59.10 pm: Starry Christmas TV movie

349.05pm: velvet hand – Movie

concentration, 9.15 PM: The Furies of Nature Documentary

TopCrime 9.10 pm: Crime in the sand dunes TV movie

Mediasetexbetween9.15 PM: Big Brother Vip – Live broadcast from home – Reality show

Mediaset Italia 2, Raw 21.10: Dragon Ball GT Japanese comics

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