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Ficarra and Picone are one of the longest-lived and best-known Italian comedians of the past 20 years. Although the comic duo often does not live long, their artistic partnership has lasted for twenty years, and among the new projects is a Netflix TV series that will be filmed in Palermo. There is no specific news about the details of the cast, but the news is already starting to appear. Let’s find out together all that is known about this new series.

Except for Vicara e Valentino Bacon I The artistic duo Sicily was formed in the year 1993 which, after a long period of professional training in the Sicilian and Italian phases, landed in the year 2001 in the program Serena Dandini e Corrado GuzanteThe eighth dwarf“.

Thanks to the popularity gained in the program Opinion , They landed in the cinema with their first movie. “I was born tiredAfter small appearances in separate roles in the previous year’s movie,Ask me if you are happy“.

From that moment on to them popularity It has grown exponentially, becoming a point of reference for Italian comics; These days there is talk of a chain Netflix produced by Tramp Limited Srl, Which you’ll see as heroes.

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Ficarra and Picone: The Netflix Chain in Palermo

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“stuck” Is the name of the series that will appear Netflix, Vicara e Bacon. After the agonizing farewell to Antonio Ricci’s satirical news, News stripping, The duo are ready to dedicate themselves to this important project.

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On the municipality’s website Palermo, The city where filming will take place from May 6 to 11, it is already possible to read a decree that will limit circulation in the respective regions for recording the TV series.

The project for sure extremely confidential , The cast is unknown, apart from the heroes of course, just as the plot is still unknown; All that is known is the genre that will remain in the aftermath of comedy and Photography And photography Daniel Seabury Who said:

“I don’t personally like the series, but I like to deal with a genre like comedy. From Palermo and to talk about this city, Ficarra and Picone do very similar work, but at the same time they are different from my job and Franco Maresco.”

We will keep you updated with all news related to it, such as data e Information On the alleged cast!

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