United States: “Politician,” Biden is ready to appoint Sherman and Nuland to head diplomacy

New York, Jan 05 20:10 – (Nova Agency) US President-elect Joe Biden intends to complete the round of diplomatic appointments by selecting Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland, respectively, as Deputy Secretary of State and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. That would make them number two and three in Washington diplomacy, in the division under the auspices of Anthony Blinken. This is what was reported by the “Politico” website, citing two sources familiar with the case. Either way, they are old diplomatic figures. Nuland, born in 1961, must be recalled from retirement to take up the position. She was the spokeswoman for the State Department, the United States ‘permanent representative to NATO, the United States’ top diplomatic representative to the European Union and the Under Secretary of State responsible for European and Eurasian affairs. Sherman was among the main negotiators in the Iran nuclear deal approved by the Barack Obama administration in 2015, and from which current President Donald Trump decided to resign in May 2018.

(The New York Times)

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