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The Soviet Special Services have monitored the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, since 1977. Since then, the businessman and politician has been “treated” as a Russian ancestor.

Around it Reported by The Guardian.

Former KGB spy Yuri Schwitz told the post that Trump was so willing to repeat anti-Western propaganda that he appealed to Moscow.

“This is an example of how people can be recruited while they are still students and then occupy important positions. Something similar happened with Trump,” he said.

First contact

Craig Unger’s book “The American Settlement”, which was based on Schwitz’s words, says the businessman first caught the attention of Russian special services in 1977, when he married Czech model Ivan Zelnikova.

Three years later, Trump opened the Grand Hyatt New York, for which he bought 200 TV sets from Soviet immigrant Simeon Keslin, who allegedly collaborated with the KGB. Schwitz states that it was Keslin who discovered the future president as a potential agent.

First visit to Russia and attempt to recruit

In 1987, Trump and his wife visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the first time. The former spy said that KGB agents flattered him in every possible way and instilled the idea of ​​getting into politics.

He said, “They carefully studied his character, and understood what kind of person he was. The KGB knew that he was very weak intellectually and psychologically, and tended to flatter.”

When Trump returned to the United States, he began to explore opportunities for the Republican presidential nomination. He even ran a campaign in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Then he published a kind of appeal to the American people, accusing the allied Japan of exploiting the United States and expressing doubts about the US participation in NATO.

The former intelligence officer also claims that Moscow was very happy with Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Recall January 20 Joe Biden became the new president of the United States… the new head of state has been installed in Washington.

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