How Donald Trump baffled the world yet again this year

In 2016, Donald Trump surprised friend and foe: not Hillary Clinton, but he himself became the new president of the United States. What follows is four very impressive years. We delved into the archive and picked a selection of his most memorable moments of 2020. One thing is clear: He really turned things upside down.

How American Anthony Fauci tries to limit Trump’s damage

Anthony Fauci helps President Trump during the Corona crisis in the United States. But Fauci and his team have to live with a boss who constantly contradicts or belittles what they advise.

Trump sparked a heated debate with the journalist

Donald Trump is known for his bleak relationship with the press. This was noticeable during a heated discussion with a CBS journalist. When I asked him why he had taken the action so long, his reaction was so severe.

We can inject patients with disinfectants

And the United States quickly became the worst-hit country in the world. For several months he will discuss with scholars and confirm how he handled the crisis well. At the end of April, the world was stunned by the proposal to inject bleach against Covid-19.

Trump son partner shouts in support of the president

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former face of the ultra-conservative Fox screen and the current girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr, gave one of the darkest and most spoken speeches of the evening on the first night of the four-day Republican convention.

Trump is boycotting Biden constantly, the mediator must step in

The first TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden turned into what the media on the left and the right described as shameful. Trump barely allowed his opponent to speak up.

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Trump vs. Biden: This is how the last straight line went

Since the start of this year, Biden and Trump have been hitting each other hard. Above you will find a selection of that political landscape.

Trump declares himself the winner of the elections

Donald Trump says he won the election. It does exactly what constitution professionals expected weeks ago. Biden camp describes these statements as “scandalous, invisible and false.”

Kama Moves: A Hole in One

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