TikTok ‘Blackout Challenge’ kills a 10-year-old girl

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According to Euronews Burak Orthamcilar news, In the southern city of Palermo, allegations of strangling a 10-year-old boy yesterday with a robe strap around his neck and the girl participating in the “blackout challenge” in Tik Tok sparked outrage in the country.

After these allegations, the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority (GPDP) ordered TikTok to block accounts of users whose ages cannot be immediately determined.

In the statement released by the foundation, it was also reminded that TikTok was warned last December because it did not pay enough attention to protecting minors, and stated that the instructions were in effect until February 15 and that additional assessments would be conducted until that date.

“He wanted to be a TikTok star, and so he died,” said Angelo Secomero, the 10-year-old’s father. Found in the description. The family announced that it had decided to donate organs for its daughters and to donate organs to four needy children.

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