Table of changes to help isolated players

The Australian Summer Calendar has been updated A complication of quarantining a player. Additionally, they will be played in Melbourne, From February 3 to 6 and from February 8 to 11, two are open Conditioning tennis.

First week of Australian Open Renovated to help 72 players are in quarantine For a period of 14 days to get the best possible preparation and training opportunities, “the organization also contacted and added:” After intensive consultations between the players and the rounds, Tennis Australia Design a new schedule, keeping in mind the limited time many players had to prepare for. “

Now there will be three events WTA 500, Both were originally scheduled for Sunday, January 31 to Saturday, February 6. A third event will be added for people who were unable to train and will take place between Wednesday 3 and Sunday 7 February.

The two events ATP And the ATP Cup It will be delayed 24 hours. The two events ATP 250 Will start Monday, February 1, each with a size greater than 56 in the Single Master Draw, while ATP Cup It will start on Tuesday, February 2.

“This has been a particularly difficult time for athletes in strict quarantine and we, along with WTA And the ATPWe aim to do everything we can to help. ” Craig Tilly, Director Australian Open “These changes have been made to the opening events to give 72 players some extra time to help them prepare. We will also give them priority for things like training sessions, the gym and ice baths.”

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