Thomas Ravenell will not be returning to ‘Southern Charm’ for a million dollars

Thomas Ravenell was surprised Southern magic Viewers when he appeared improvised during the seventh season premiere. The former politician has vowed not to return to the series Bravo after leaving after the fifth season. However, as he shared two kids with Catherine Dennis, he appeared on screen but this could be the last time he appeared.

Thomas Ravenell | Rebecca Miller / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Why did Thomas Ravenell appear?

During the first moments of Southern magic In the seventh season, Ravenel made a surprise surprise on the show. At the time, Dennis and Ravenelle were living under the same roof and raising their children. Denise said her home has been renovated and she is only living with Ravenel for the time being.

It turns out that during the time Dennis was with Ravenelle and their two kids, the Bravo cameras were already filming the new season. The infamous reality TV personality said he was not paid for his appearances.

“I only let them shoot a small clip with the kids as a favor to Catherine,” said Ravenell. Us weekly. “I didn’t get paid. At the time, she was staying in my house in the guest room because her house was painted and it was not safe for her and the children.”

Thomas Ravenell
Thomas Ravenell | Brianna Stello / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Will Thomas Ravenell return as a full-time team member?

There have been mixed reactions to Ravenel’s appearance Southern magic one more time. Fans may remember he left after allegations that he sexually assaulted a nanny. Raphael ended up pleading guilty and The case was reportedly settled In September 2019.

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Viewers shouldn’t expect Ravenel to become a full-time member again, not even for a million dollars.

“I’m not going back for a million dollars! Now a million, one,” says Ravenell Reply to a Tweet A fan says they’d love to see him on TV again.

Hours before he posted a public tweet, following all queries from viewers asking if he would return to the show.

“People are constantly asking me if they’ll ever see me again Southern magic, “he is chirp. “My answer is, just restart.”

Catherine Dennis and Thomas Ravenell
Catherine Dennis and Thomas Ravenell | Brianna Stello / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Thomas Ravenell’s return isn’t a good thing

Some criticism Southern magic And bravo for having Ravenel on the show again that they were giving him a stand. After pleading guilty to the assault allegations, some fans believed the network should not show or broadcast it.

Craig Conover is surprised that Ravenell and Dennis are living together again. The Sewing down south The stylist also said it’s not a positive thing after Ravenel returns.

“I mean, some people will say, like, we shouldn’t give them a platform or show them, [but] He said, “It’s not positive for Thomas that he’s filmed at all.” Us weekly. “So, anyone worried that we’re helping him with his filming, it’s not accurate. I mean he goes to Twitter all the time and blows up the show and then he’s filming? It’s unbelievable.”

Thomas Ravenell
Thomas Ravenell | Brianna Stello / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Likewise, Shep Rose called Ravenel to speak negatively about the show and vowed not to appear again, only to allow the cameras to film it again.

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“Despite the negative yelling and shouting about the show … that just pisses me off, honestly,” Rose told the publication. “It’s not anyone’s fault with the show, anything bad might happen to him. Also, really enjoy it when he was on her. I mean, let’s be honest here. He loved all the fame and fame. He had a lot of fun with her.”

Southern magic Season 7 airs Thursday nights at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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