“SNL” Daryl Hammond honors Sean Connery with an impression clip – Deadline

Saturday Night Live Youth and broadcaster Daryl Hammond joined a number of Hollywood actors and personalities who honored Oscar-winning actor Sean Connery after his death on Saturday. While many shared their condolences and fond memories with the first James Bond, Hammond also praised sharing one of his impressions of Connery.

Sorry to hear of death #ShawnryMy condolences to his family. I always liked doing my silly impressions of him, RIP, ” Hammond tweeted on Saturday.

Comedian posted SNL A drawing from 1999 where Sean Connery played a tour of Celebrity Jeopardy! Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek, hosted by Will Ferrell. Hammond who played over and over again The intangible The actor, reluctantly answered any questions correctly, constantly digging into Ferrell’s frivolous host.

Hammond Connery says “Moo” in response to the “This Is The Sound A Doggy Makes” category.

When Trebek told him he answered incorrectly, Connery replied, “Well, that’s the voice your mother made last night.” The 20-year-old sitcom continues to see comedian Connery laughing at Trebek with “out of line” jokes.

Although Connery himself never appeared on the NBC chart show, his likeness and the actors who played him always gave the studio audience a live laugh. Hammond played the late action star multiple times during the ’90s and Early Ideas.

Comedian Connery appeared alongside other actors Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robin Williams, Bert Reynolds and Justin Bieber.

Connery died on Saturday. He was 90 years old.

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