Anna’s innovation, the influence of the Netflix series on fashion trends

New TV series, a new (modern) phenomenon. On February 11, the popular streaming platform Netflix released episodes of Anna’s creationThe series is directed by director Shonda Rhimes (we know her from before instinct anatomy and recently for Bridgeton) which relives the (true) story of prankster Anna Sorokin, who died in the Big Apple as a rich German heiress. Actress Julia Garner, whose look was curated by costume designer Lynne Paulo, will be wearing her (very branded) outfit.. A work that was carried out with great care, which allowed not only to recreate the “official” wardrobe of Anna Sorokin, but also bring incredible peaks of searches on the network.

Let’s start by giving you some context: The film adapted from the real-life events of Anna Delphi on the small screen (born in Sorokin), NYPD arrested him in 2017 after defrauding Manhattan elites for allegedly owning a $60 million trust in Europe. After her release in February 2021, she was arrested again exactly six weeks later for delaying her US residency visa. About the new Netflix TV series Anna’s creationSorokin has also said: He won’t be watching her (for now), at least as long as she’s being held.

May 2019, New York Court. Anna Sorokin during the trial.

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In the meantime, Styles It has already prepared a list of black and white keywords that are subject to a significant increase in interest on its platform. We are talking about a relatively small portion of the time: Only 24 hours after the release of the TV series Anna’s creationChloé’s Marcie bag saw 1,000% more clicks.. Immediately followed, in order of preference by digital people, is the Celine brand with +191%, then +29% for the red Lady Dior bag and +28% for the Valentino fashion house. Among the last brand, Valentino Garavani’s Rockstud shoes are particularly searched online with more than 19% clicks.

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This phenomenon is not unknown to us, on the contrary, it is a confirmation of how – until now – television series have become a real means of disseminating fashion trends, becoming a medium and a source of approach for many (especially for those who, at times, do not follow the world of shows fashion). not by chance, The interest in what Julia Garner wears in the TV series is also about the most searched fashion trends on GoogleAnd not just on the platform Styles: The world’s most popular search engine saw a 175% increase in “Celine eyewear” and +156% for “Luggage Cecline”. Another luxury bag, of course.

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Lin Paulo spoke about the work done from a fashion point of view Explaining that he does not know the “real Anna”: those who were brought to the stage Anna’s creation They are thus transformational stages in which Sorokin has over time built a highly tailored wardrobe (parallel to a life dictated by extreme luxury). The Netflix TV series features the most coveted brands, including Chanel, Dior, Celine, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Gucci and Balenciaga. Everything is reconstructed original: According to the source, Lynn Paulo Confirmed That 97% of Julia Garner’s Outfits Were Faithful Copies of Anna Sorokin’s Look. “We spent months researching everything, researching brands, and eventually intercepting them on The RealReal or in vintage stores,” the costume designer explained.

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An indifferent challenge, this challenge embraced by Lyn Paolo. Indeed, the wardrobe should be the medium of a “story in history”, just like Matryoshka: “[La serie] He was telling the story that Anna continued to invent herself. It was an interesting project, divided into different levels of storytelling with a different Anna in turn. Of course, there is also the real Anna. We tried to be as loyal as we could. For me it was like solving an interesting puzzle.”

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