Android 12 style theme is available for Xiaomi smartphones

Android 12 will have an updated look and feel, with a simpler interface. And this simplification is already available for Xiaomi smartphones thanks to the new look. It is called Android 12 MIUI Theme and it contains more than a set of icons.


After installing Android 12, the MIUI Theme will completely change the interface of your Xiaomi phone. Updated lock screen appearance, system icon set, and Control Center which also uses Android 12 features.

Android 12 MIUI Theme

The settings change to reflect the new design that Google showed us in different previous versions of Android 12. The icons in this section will match the color palette of the new version of Android, keeping the same order.

Android 12 MIUI Theme

You can download the theme by this linkWhich will automatically take you to the Xiaomi Themes app. There is no need to change the region (if the theme appears to be unavailable, scroll down to refresh the page). Though, if that doesn’t work, you can try creating a different region like India.

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